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Welcome Snagandme

we have a new member, Snagandme, who's introductory post came to the wrong place, so i am reposting it here.....

Hi Folks...well we have a grandson, 27 years old facing some serious surgery it seems...and so we are searching for folks that have gone through the same thing and perhaps their stories will make it easier for him and his family and us as grandparents. I know there has to be a better way of living through this terrible disease and so we are scanning the comments for such experiences...we noted that CD DAD had a great one explaning his ordeals and what all he has went through, but for the life of me I can't find that particular page again...so it goes. ANyway, we will visit often and I am trying to get my grandson and daughter to likewise jump in there and learn and share. That way, it has to help us physically and mentally.
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Hi Snagandme and :welcome:

I'm glad you found your way here. If you are referring to CDDad's post is your grandson going to have some sort of ostomy surgery?? I don't know if this is the thread you are talking about regarding CDDad and his surgery..........


My daughter has had a resection so if this is what he is having I would be happy to expand on her experience. Do you know what medications he is taking, how long he has had IBD and where it is located?

This is a safe and friendly place with loads of support and info so please stay around and any questions just fire away!

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Welcome Snagandme!! Few could top Dusty if you are looking for something specific on this forum!! I hope your family finds comfort here!! I certainly have!! It must be great for your grandson to have such deep family involvement!! I wish him and all of you the best!!

Welcome to the forum. I like CD Dad have had a proctocolectomy with perm Ileostomy (Oct 09). I would be happy to answer any questions your family may have or even give you very detailed account of the surgery and how it has improved my live with Crohn's. Feel free to send me a personal Message if you would like. I will also chime in where i can on the forum for any information/ answers on things I have first hand knowledge of.
The one question I always answer with the same reply, when people ask me if I have any second thoughts about having my the surgery is . "Yes. I really wish I would have done this sooner. " I was diagnosed with Lupus to go along with my Crohns, 4 months after my surgery. I am very grateful that because of my surgery,I regained my love of life, before having to battle this newest bump in my pathway(lupus).

Again if I can help in anyway/aspect Please let me know.

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Snagandme - welcome to our forum. I beleive you are reffering to cddad (joe) who had Total ProctoCollectomy with permanent Ileostomy. I had exactly the same surgery on July 9th, two months after Joe's and will very much willing to answer/discuss any question you might have.

Dingbat - I hope he finds this post with our responses.

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Hi snag and me, Welcome to the forum, I have been here 3 years coming up and I still get lost :lol: I have had surgery but sounds like he is not have the same as myself. I did not have an ostomy. There are quite a few and some your grandsons age here. Glad you found us, there are great and loving people here to support you and your family. This is a debilitating disease and very unpredictable. Would be great if you could get your grandson on here too. Ask any questions hopefully someone can give you the answers you all need! Hugs!