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Welcome to the Undiagnosed Club


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Due to the popularity of the main "Undiagnosed Club" thread, we've decided to create a subforum for those of you who are as of yet not diagnosed. Feel free to start your own threads with questions and personal updates. Cat-a-Tonic, the founder of the Undiagnosed Club, will be the Forum Monitor here.

If you have a thread elsewhere on the forum that you would prefer be in this subforum, please let me know and I'll move it for you :)


Naples, Florida
Allieinwonder has also accepted a position as a Forum Monitor in here :) Thank you allieinwonder!


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Yeah! I just got home from a day trip out of town and saw this. Thanks David so much for making this new subforum for us! And also thanks for making Star and Allie and I forum monitors, I promise I'll try not to go mad with power. ;) (I once had a job where I had to supervise some employees who were previously my equals and they made me promise not to go mad with power - I compromised and went just a little bit mad.) Ha ha. In all seriousness, this rocks! I feel I must express my excitement by also using the dancing banana.


Woo hoo! :D
Big big thanks to David and whoever else was involved in the setting up of this sub forum. If only the hospitals would listen and be as proactive as the people on here: the sub forum might not need to exist!

Joking aside, huge thanks, tis most appreciated!
Hi Everyone,

I have never posted or blogged before so this is new for me. First off just finding out that I might have Crohns has me freaking out. So I wanted to thank you all for giving me a place to learn more. I have already had 3 surgerys and Doctors are leaning more towards this disease. I know I have alot of tests ahead of me. Just trying to gather myself.
:hang:I do not have crohns or colitis, but as the spouse of someone who does have crohns, plus I have a lot of serious medical issues myself, I know how scary it is to confront something of this magnitude. I just wanted to say, take it one day at a time and one issue at a time. You will get through the initial shock (or at least be able to handle it better), and the answers will come. Sometimes the not knowing is the hardest part. Surround yourself with those that love you, hang on to that, and you will make it.:hang:
Hi everyone
As you all know some of my story I have just got a letter from my GI saying I have elevated levels of calprotectin does this mean I have a diagnosis!? Does this mean its IBD not IBS!!??
Hi everyone,

I just want to run my situation by you, and can you let me know if Crohn's is a possibility? I have heard about someone in a similar situation as me who was diagnosed with Crohn's, so I want to make sure I don't sound crazy when I ask for tests.

For over 3 years now I've been having unexplained issues with my skin in the form of painful abscesses. They range from the size of the tip of a pen, to half of a golf ball, and have been everywhere on my body from my upper thigh to my eyelid. I've had a ton of tests done for bacteria, and I think it's safe to assume now that it's not a bacterial thing (15 rounds of antibiotics later). I currently have 3 of them on my stomach.

Since getting these abscesses, I've also been having problems with my bowels. It seems sporadic though in terms of intensity. At least a couple times a week I have abdominal cramping which can lead to an extremely inconvenient yet necessary bathroom session. This happens frequently, but only about 3 times have I almost vomited from it.

Since 2010 I've also noticed blood in my stool, not very much though, about 3-4 times a year.

Any sort of insight would help! Feeling kind of desperate here, and getting tired of the having more scars popping up on my body... Yes, I'm being vain right now.

Thank you so much.