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Welting with Humira

Does anyone welt after they get their Humira shot?I know it puffs a little after getting it,but then mine welts up and it gets all red and itchy,after that in turns into a big bruise that last till my next shot.Also I get really tired and sick feeling and the next morning I have a big headache and I find clumps of my hair on the pillow.This last for 2 or 3 days.The doctor said it was natural.Anyone else have these problems?:frown:
I don't get headaches or lose any hair, but yeah, I get a huge itchy spot at the injection site. If yours is minor you might get relief by taking some sort of antihistamine such as Allegra or Benadryl before you inject.

Which reminds me, I need to stop in on the Humira Club thread, see you there...
I got the welts, but kept at it for a couple of months. It turned out the Humira did nothing for me in the end. I am gonna go check out the Humira Club Thread . . .
I would get welts from them if I did the shot in my stomach, now I use the tops of my thighs instead, and have never had a welt from it. Bruising yes, welts no.
I just noticed this on my leg. The itching is driving me crazy. I was blaming my skirt for a little while and was upset because it's new. But then I looked and i have a red bump where I injected. This is my first welt, I feel part of the club now.
What is amusing me is when i did the shoot I couldn't figure out where to put the bandaid, no mark, no blood. I thought i did something wrong.
I must no itch. is my mantra for today
I get welts every time but if you medicate with claritin or benadryl if you want to sleep really well the day of the shot it clears up fairly quickly. Haven't had the other symptoms you described but I had a killer two day headache after my loading dose. If it's happening with every injection, that doesn't sound right.
I'm going to try this. I got a welt and itching agian this week. I wonder why I started to develop a reaction.

a headache does not sound fun.