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Went diarrhea 20 times today

hey all,

i have crohn's and my symptoms have improved since i've been on Remicade, though once in a while i have a bad episode.

my last severe flareup was in january (obstruction symptoms), and that was particularly unusual since the flare up happened within a couple days after my remicade infusion.

i have a stricture, it's a pretty severe stricture and my GI cannot get past it during a colonoscopy, he said 'it's like a pinhole' i'm not sure is he's exaggerating but in the meantime i'm waiting to have an MRI and we are going to see about surgery.

so ever since my stricture got bad, i sometimes experience obstruction symptoms, or constipation... generally my bowel habits have changed while on treatment so normally i don't have daily BM's maybe go 3 or 4 times a week - but before treatment i'd go once a day or i'd be constipated but never diarrhea

in the last couple weeks, i started having daily BM's which has been good, seemd normal just once a day in the morning which is fine for me...

but today, i woke up at about 7:45 am and it is now 8:40 pm and i've had probably at least 20 times had diarrhea.

this is very unusual for me... i have no pain... but lots of watery diarrhea which the frequency and consistency of it is exactly like what happens when i've had to do the prep solution before a colonoscopy but i've had nothing like that.

i've been going so much that there is nothing left. i finally decided to have bread and chicken soup to see if that would help slow things down...

anyway, i wanna know for those of you who experience the diarrhea symptoms (which i'm sure is most of you) how severe does it get and does it sound typical to get it as though i've had the laxative prep? this is so out of nowhere for me and i'm wondering if there is some other kind of blockage going on, the watery stool is bright orange/yellow and cloudy.

i did feel nauseous yesterday and felt like throwing up... but it was mild. usually with the obstruction i vomit and it's the same colour as the diarrhea i have so i\m thinking it's bile?

should i call my GI tomorrow or will it be stupid since most people with crohn's get episodes of diarrhea? i just know this is extremely unusual for me so i'm concerned now.

sorry for the long post, thanks to anyone who can share a similar experience or has advice to offer.

take care
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As far as I've heard is that diarrhea or thin ribbon like stool can be normal for strictures. So far the good part is that things are passing through. The bad part is that you're not absorbing any of the nutrients you're taking in and are also losing water. Keep up your fluid intake for now and stick with the blander diet and call your doctor first thing (or leave a message for them tonight so they can get back to you in the morning or do both) because like you said, this isn't normal for YOU. Everyone is different so if there's an abnormal symptom going on then you should notify your doctor as soon as possible to get some answers and much needed relief.

Yes I do have days where it seems like a prep day and many others on the forum have mentioned that as well. But you're talking about a stricture/scar tissue here and it needs to be dealt with. There are procedures for stretching it out but they aren't a permanent fix so usually surgery is the next option if its bad enough.

But for now while you wait for your doctor's call back, be happy that things are passing through and not coming back up. If things start coming back up then you may have to go to the ER and you and you're GI can go from there. Keep drinking lots and lots of fluids until then. Luckily you won't have to wait too long for an answer.

Also, you mentioned that you aren't sure if he's exaggerating about the size of the stricture. I'm sure he took photos of it during the scope and he should have showed those pictures to you. If not, ask to see them and then you will know what's going on inside of your own body better.
I was told with my toddler son (who does NOT have IBD issues he was having constipation issues) that if the stool gets too large to pass, liquid can start working around the large stuck stool.
I would at the very least contact your GI. And of course, push the fluids....hope you find relief soon......
And yes, those of us with the big D....I can easily be in the bathroom 15-20 times a day, but it's never been as bad as a prep for me....oh and the color, sounds like what my doc has told me is "sign of inflammation"??????
thanks for the replies... CrabbyRelish - good idea, i never thought to ask my GI to see the pictures, i'll ask next time... and yes, even though i'm going to the washroom so often, i'll take this inconvenience over the obstruction symptoms anyday because when i get an obstruction i feel like i wish i could just pass out and not feel any pain except i can't even sleep because it's so intensely painful...so i'm glad in this case i have no pain and there is something passing.

aliciars - hmm maybe some kind of inflammation or irritation at the least, but i haven't had any pain or cramping so that's a good sign to me.

i'll give my GI a call tomorrow.

oh and the urgency to go to the washroom has slowed down over the last couple of hours, i've only gone twice so that's good.


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I occasionally get the big D for a day or two - sometimes can relate it to something I've eaten, other times not.....I would also push the fluids - hoping you just have a stomach bug!
If it's just for a day or two I wouldn't stress, it could just be a tummy ache. People who don't have IBD can get cases of stomache aches or food poisoning and then be fine in a few days. Just take it easy on your gut and if it doesn't get better, then I would go see the doc.
Update - doing better, after it slowed down last night I was able to sleep and since I woke up, I went once but to make sure I'm better I stayed home from work.
I called my GI because I wanted to see if he had any suggestions or concerns, but he's on vacation this week.

I've been drinking Gatorade today, I still don't have an appetite and will continue to have lots of fluids.

The stomach bug did cross my mind too, but seems the D is the only symptom I'm having.

Thanks again to those of you who replied! Made me feel better getting your feedback! :)

**update - actually yesterday after i posted a few hours passed then it started up again, but i went about 13 times so a bit better i guess lol, today i was able to go back to work, no D during the day and my appetite came back so i waited til i came home to eat, and i've gone a couple times so far but seems it's definitely calmed down *knock on wood*

apparently there is a flu going around, so maybe it is a virus that's stirred this up. oh well.
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