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Went through a difficult divorce after being diagnosed

I was hospitalized and diagnosed 2 years ago. Horrible Horrible pain that I don't have to really explain to anyone here. I had severe inflammation. It took months to feel somewhat normal again. Normal meaning able to walk upright but still daily pain. No more long walks or shopping trips for me and afraid to travel.

During that same time of my hospitalization, I had found out my husband of 18 year and father of my 2 beautiful daughters was out doing things he shouldn't. I never felt so alone in my life. My perfect world came crashing down. Fighting the pain, heartbreak, shock and stress at the same time is something I could never wish on anyone.

He left, abandoned both me and my kids. Divorce was finalized,but not without the extreme stress and emotionally shock from everyone as you can imagine.

Here I am 2 years later, still having the pains, the flare ups and most recently went to ER with extreme eye pain and blurred vision. To my surprise I was told this is very common for people with Crohn's. I had developed iritis in one eye.

I am in a relationship now to a great guy. As you can imagine being betrayed after 18 years of marriage. Its hard to believe I actually found a man who is loving and cares about my health. I guess everything happens for a reason.
So sorry you had to go through that as well as Crohn's - which is honestly enough for anyone to deal with on its own! Betrayal like that is painful and shocking in a way that is hard to describe to anyone who hasn't been through it. I hope that you and your children are through the worst of that trauma and can focus on each other and your health.

What treatment are you on now for your Crohn's? Are your doctors reviewing your treatment and looking for something more effective for you?
Thank you for your reply. It's all the same options which none sound good to me. Steroid, immune suppressants, surgery, continue meds, etc. nothing new unfortunately. Thank you all for your support and allowing me to vent on here a little.
I don't like the choices, either, though they do work well for some.

The SCD worked great for our oldest child, who can now eat pretty much whatever she wants and doesn't have to take any drugs and feels totally normal. She has been in total remission for 9 years! Unfortunately, the diet did not work for our youngest child, who has been pretty sick for the past 2 years. He had to drop out of high school, lost most of his friends, etc.