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What alcohol do people with crohns drink?

I'm only 18 so obviously I'm (meant to be) in my prime. As I am still young I still like to go out and drink with my friends around town.

With Crohns, as we all know drinking is debatable. But being the over optimist I am I want to suffer Crohns and drink with minimal amount of worries.

I tend to drink socially around town once a month (after pay day). Mostly I drink spirits like whiskey, sambuka and Goldschlargger.

My question is, what do you drink, how much and does it affect your body. Thanks
Well with me the last time I drank I was put in the hospital 2 weeks later. So, I quit drinking altogether. It's been nearly 4 months since I've had a drop of alcohol.
I've had better luck with alcohols that aren't sugary. I'd also advise to stay away from beer since they have a lot of allergens in them. As always though, crohn's is trial and error, so what may do well with me, might not for you.
I drank in college, but noticed over the past several years since graduating and before I was diagnosed the smell and flavor of any type of alcohol was completely unappealing to me. I don't know if it's due to the fact that now that the social pressures to drink are gone or if it has anything to do with Crohn's. I remember the few times I did drink after college I would get a stomachache. So, perhaps I developed a distaste for alcohol because my body didn't like it!

I would say be careful with drinking. I've heard a few on here say they can have a couple drinks, but nothing over the top and not all the time. Though it depends on what medications you are on as well. Some you absolutely should not consume alcohol with. I would consult a doctor before consuming any alcohol.
Don't really drink anymore. Had a beer on my birthday back in June and that was the last. I handled it OK with my Crohn's for many years. Now not so much, and I hate feel like crap the next day.
Goldschlargger? Whisky? Sambuka? Friggin heck I'd be on the floor on a night out with that stuff, too much of a lightweight lol Honestly I used to get sloshed when I was in remission and didn't suffer from it at all however even though I don't suffer from it crohns wise, I'm a lot more wary now, so I tend to drink a lot less alcohol and that's been diluted with lemonade or coke just as a precaution, or pitchers from whetherspoons because they've got a load of cranberry juice etc in
Hi same here don't drink much now, but do agree re:larger full of alsorts and upsets lots of people even without Crohn's. Try alcopops in moderation thow xx
I ussually go with the coke and rum or coke and 151. But I really drink whatever is infront of me. From beer to tequilla, ive drank it all with crohns.

Only down side I get is I need to really go to the bathroom the next morning ontop of my hangover lol but thats about it.

I am in the midst of college so I am a heavy drinker when there. And I go back in 10 days! cant wait!
Well Claire you have Crohns...we are all pretty lightweight tbf, until you start with my friends XD but so far I have determined that clear spirits are safer to drink with Crohns, but if you have chocolate before it will line your stomach to stop alcohol entering the bloodstream.

Ethan, to help with your hangover in the morning have some coke once you are sovereigns enough to know what you are doing. It helps me tbh. And what is 151?

It's a shame how many people cannot drink due to this disease.

Thanks for all the advice all xx
...151?? :S Urggggg...

I don't drink anymore, either. I'm not supposed to have alcohol with methotrexate. I did have 3 drinks once while taking mtx... and I felt so hammered and even ended up throwing up. Not a good scene... :D
my favorite poison was Sambuka, i had a still and brewed my own, havent had a drink for 9 years because of crohns. still have some sambuka and whisky put away in case one day i can drink again.


I still drink. Find beer and whisky plays my stomach up, so stick to cider and wine now (wont drink alcopops). Will drink vodka with orange juice or coke (although dont really like coke). Still do tequila, jagers and sambuca tho.


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^^^^Hmmmm...........that's sounding suspiciously like Roo........are you sure you two aren't hanging out together!


I hardly drink now but if I do, Vodka and lemonade or anything clear
beer, wine and lager, or alcopop sugary crap cripples me!
I was young once ya know, I know I'm a dinosaur now, but take it easy cos you'll pay when you get to my age, prevention rather than cure, remember that!
and depending on your meds, your liver will be miserable and working overtime!

Completely understand that you want to drink every once in a while! :)

I haven't been drinking for a few months as I was feeling a bit worse, but I've tried the occasional glass of wine now. I get wines that are very low in sugar, for example one of the white wines I tried had 0.3 grams per liter. I seem to be fine as long as I don't drink the whole bottle. Oh how things have changed with Crohn's!!! :D

I drink very rare

number 1, since crohns my liver isnt fully normal
number 2, I have been diagnosed with gallstones and my liver apparantly isnt very happy :(

I usually stick to my fave tia maria, usually I'm fine but about 2 wks ago gave me lots of tummy pain and wind
i havent had a drop in around 2 years now. but i used to drink A LOT in my younger days...it was always tequila, jagermeister and budweiser. in a night i had no problem finishing a fifth and 6-8 beers. probably 90% of the time i would be sick the next day or two but i was havin too much fun to stop. after about 5 or 6 years of drinking i just one day decided that i was going to quit because i was starting to get very sick and unhealthy....best decision ive ever made, since i quit ive been able to keep my symptoms, for the most part, under control so im pretty sure drinking was playing a toll on the crohns.
I work for Guinness and Smirnoff so part of my daily job is to drink Guinness.

Thankfully I dont see any side effects from Drinking alcohol- with the exception of drinking too much, Everyone sees side effects then.
I found a shot or two of nearly anything would 'calm' my stomach down and allow me to do things and activities I normally wouldn't be able to do.
But I took it way overboard after my Gram passed away.
I did notice after I quit drinking I seemed to do much better without the alcohol.
I did'nt have as many accidents and I felt generally better.
I guess moderation is the key.
I used to always drink Kaluha and coke (love that stuff mmm) but now I find myself running to the loo after the second glass. Also drank alcopops, with the same result. Now I find that I'm fine with wine (if I don't drink the whole bottle on my own) but I'm a sucker for the sweet and bubbly ones so there goes the sugar intake lol. But its only maybe once a fortnight or so, if I go out for dinner I'll have a glass or 2.
Beer always seems to disagree with me, usually ok with a few pints! But I tend to be okay on liquors! I don't really drink too much my self anyways, I never intend to get drunk anyways!
Drinking Alcohol

I used to drink alot of beer and since I now crohns beer is out and Burbon is in.
Beer was to hard on my system, I never drank excessively but none the less it would leave it's mark.

I'm not sure any studies were ever done with a crohns patient about the use of alcohol but if you are gont to drink, drink responsible
I'm an old guy, and am now at the stage where any alcohol in the house is not gonna happen unless a guest for dinner brings something. One shot, one beer, or one glass of wine is doable, anything more and I'll either black out or fall asleep.
I don't know if I have an IBD yet but it could explain why just this year, I started not feeling well even drinking beer so I rarely drink now. I think that's good for me in a way but when I'm feeling at my worst, I wish I could have that buzz :)
I don't drink, but remember, most "foofoo" drinks (what my husband calls fruity or anything with goodies in it) you can get in a virgin type. No alcohol, but you still get all the yummy. You still fight with sugar, but it is easier. Bars have all sorts of sodas, tea, milk etc. anything you might want to drink that is normal.

I do love fruity wine and stuff, but i like to keep it alcohol free, plus the alcohol doesn't mix with most meds I am on.
I haven't had a drink in 3 years because of the crohn's. Makes me sick within an hour from what I remember. Your young so take it easy, don't drink and drive a DUI isn't worth it. Sorry I'm a mom with 2 kids in their 20's. I do miss having a Margarita evey now and then.
Good luck
For me it's at the point where I'm probably about to say goodbye to drinking. I get too sick from it anymore, but I do LOVE to have a drink. There's nothing like an ice cold beer to end the day. I think I'm going to have to say goodbye to beer though and find something else since beer seems to be setting me off lately or just let it go completely, most likely let it go completely. We'll see I guess.
I drink very rarely these days and when I do I stick to red wine or bourbon. My favourite is bourbon I so love it. I just pretend there is no sugar and I drink it with diet drinks (ssshhhh when it comes to my diabetes). I enjoy beer, but it does not enjoy me, same with sparkling wine. That makes only one half of my face go red, the other side stays white - go figure that one:ytongue:
Good old Jack Daniels for me

This time of year sucks. All the pumpkin beers are out but beer just doesn't agree with me.
Drinking in moderation is ok, depending on the meds one is on at the time. Vodka seems to be easier on the system, and gassy drinks are bloating
Rolling Rock is all I drink. Sometimes if I feel sick I will drink a shot of jaugermiester. it has a lot of herbs in it and can help with many bacterial infections.
I don't drink either, but I would think stout? As they do give that to cancer patients I believe for the iron. So maybe that?
Really not sure though honey.

What about saki? Is that a natural alcohol?
I can't speak for someone who's currently flaring but it's not a good idea to drink whilst in a flare. I'm in a remission caused by surgery so I'm drinking every weekend drinking everything from beer to shots of 151 and I'm handling it fine without barely any side effects, and I'm on Aza. I'm pretty sure that alcohol will not make my crohn's come back just when your flaring it will def bother everything.
I'm teetotal so I don't touch a drop.

I used to drink socially, but after every drink it never ended well. Usually with me being sick for the night/next day.

The best advice for those that still want to drink, is to see what suits you. A bit of trial and error, that's the only way to know for sure what you are safe with and what you are not.

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huh.. I am able to drink... but the last time (a week ago) I had cherry vodka sweet/sour thingy, the lady made it too strong on vodka, not enough sweet, and no cherry flavor. It could of been just a co-winky-dink, but that night I was stuck on the toliet with a my crohn's doing a complete U turn in less than a 30 minute time period. I drank a few sips of smirknoff yesterday, and seem okay today. No more ache than normal.
I'm thinking alcohol just depends indiviudal with this.. and what meds your on too. Make sure none of them have interactions with alcohol.
As I always say in the past month, everything is a test and trial. You'll know your 'progress report' shortly afterwards. I am also gonna try the same drink at my friends mom's house (Cause she makes good ones), and see if it repeats the same incident. If it does I'm gonna just drop vodka out of my list of haves all together. lol.
some advice would be to keep pain meds handy for if it does cause it to flare up badly.. start out slow so you don't drink a whole glass, then end up finding it caused a lot more than a glass worth of flare up. (keep in mind, it is not wise to drink and take any pain meds though. so make sure you have it spaced out correctly- depending on the med and the dose it diffrers how long it is hanging out in your liver, and how strong it is also is a depending factor.) ... Like with anything that goes down the mouth, that your not sure about, just be weary, and take it in moderations until you know how your body reacts. ;) hope this helps some.
I don’t have Crohns, but Ulcerative Colitis and drinking gives me the same problems. I had to give up beer, premixes, sherry, port, gin, vodka, whiskey and other drinks along the same line. I discovered that wheat and gluten upsets my bowels terribly, so beer was one of the first drinks I had to give up. Spirits and fortified wines just felt too harsh, so they were the next to go.

Until recently I have been able to drink wine as long as I kept it in moderation. If I drank too much or too often it would really make me flare and ill. But recently I have been having major problems with the preservative 220 that is found in most wine. So I have been drinking organic vegan friendly preservative-free or low preservative wine with no problems. The only problem being limited choice, as very few wineries make wine without 220.
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I quit drinking because of Crohn's. I also quit smoking. Just not worth it. Last alcoholic drink was when I was ringing in the new year (2010) and my last smoke was the last monday of April, 2010
I never was able to drink beer it made me so sick. I always had Jack and Coke till now i cant even handle that. I can handle shots of jack fine but the coke bothers me now. I only go out maybe once every 2 -3 months. Its just not worth it feeling like crap that night and the next day.
This is going to sound odd, but if I go out and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon I feel GREAT the day after. No tummy grumbles...nothing.

Also, don't make fun of me for drinking PBR. I am classy, I promise :)
This is going to sound odd, but if I go out and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon I feel GREAT the day after. No tummy grumbles...nothing.

Also, don't make fun of me for drinking PBR. I am classy, I promise :)
That's Frank's drink of choice!! (Blue Velvet, 1986)
Beer, wine, shots.

Stay away from mixed drinks (ie sugar water added) and don't get drunk too often :)

Try Guinness. It's a little less carbonated and slightly lower alcohol content. You'll get over the taste if you haven't already.
I'm doing trial and error at the moment. Beer and Larger give me bad wind and diarrhoea and Cider makes me poop blood. Will try Vodka and Whisky next.

Very sad how we have to suffer for enjoying ourselves :(
I'm doing trial and error at the moment. Beer and Larger give me bad wind and diarrhoea and Cider makes me poop blood. Will try Vodka and Whisky next.

Very sad how we have to suffer for enjoying ourselves :(
Question - when you get gas and diarrhea from beer, what do you eat with it?
I'm recently diagnosed with Crohn's but have had a huge problem with champagne as long as I can remember. My doc seems to think that my bad 'hangovers' (12 hours of puking bile) was actually the Crohn's. I've never seemed to have a problem with red wine, rum, or vodka..so long as I stick to one. It's the mixing that screws me up.
sticking with the light beers and not getting plastered is about all i can do. If i have a glass of wine im in bed the next day. Ive also noticed that sugary shots like anything with redbull make for a bad day. Atleast most states that are legalizing medical marijuana are making it really easy for people with crohns to get a prescription :)
In Colorado we get Medical Marijuana for "Chronic Pain." If they write Crohn's on the doctors rec you can get denied by the Health Dept. But, Crohn's does cause me Chronic Pain, so I got one!

As far as the drinking, that's been pretty tough for me so far, I was just diagnosed in July, so I'm still trying to figure everything out.... It seems like the sugary rum and vodka drinks are really hard on my digestion while whiskey and red wine seem a little better. I am on mesalamine, so I guess I can drink, I was on Imuran for about three weeks and was told not to drink while on that. That fried my liver pretty good....... I am glad to be off that crap!
As far as the drinking, that's been pretty tough for me so far, I was just diagnosed in July, so I'm still trying to figure everything out.... It seems like the sugary rum and vodka drinks are really hard on my digestion while whiskey and red wine seem a little better. I am on mesalamine, so I guess I can drink, I was on Imuran for about three weeks and was told not to drink while on that. That fried my liver pretty good....... I am glad to be off that crap!
I think when drinking sugar causes more of a problem for us than the alcohol. Straight vodka or Whiskey would be better than say... whiskey and coke or a vodka based sugary drink. That's what I've picked up on but we're all different.

which is worse white or red wine?
I've seen a lot of people with crohns swear by red wine but I'm not really a wine drinker so somebody else will probably give a better answer ;)
Vodka. All others seem to really kick the Crohn's in for me.

I know others have said this but PLEASE be careful with drinking and the meds you are currently taking.
I do not drink much at all, but when I do I have no problem drinking Jack. Even though I wasnt told drinking would be an issue with my Crohn's, I dont think drinking on a regular basis would be beneficial. Especially since every trip to the ER usually includes the questions Do you Smoke?, Do you Drink?
I agree with the sugary drinks redbull is a complete no no and i used to love the stuff, vodka and pomegrate juice seems ok so far but not too much. Strange enough when i was really sick i craved guiness, must've been the iron in it as I don't ever drink the stuff!!!
I have an occasional...i mean like once in a blue moon glass of rum straight up. Usually dark rum. I also enjoy wines and the rare champagne..if its Bollinger. Im picky lol.


sounds good, love guiness but havent had it in a while and wasnt going to after realising that ale plays hell with me.

Find white wine better (like the taste more) but dont have any bad effects from either the day after
sounds good, love guiness but havent had it in a while and wasnt going to after realising that ale plays hell with me.

Find white wine better (like the taste more) but dont have any bad effects from either the day after
your in luck then mate..Guinness is a stout :beerchug: not sayin it will defo work but worth a try


Guinness stops nose bleeds too!
They used to give it to patients in hospital way back in the old days!
Good for iron, I like it with a shot of blackcurrant.
I can only drink white wine (Chardonnay). Red wine is too rich for my stomach and makes me ill after one glass, plus, purple teeth look funny on me :)

But I've noticed the last few times I have drank, I get really ill. I just don't think I can drink anymore and that makes me sad. I LOVE a good glass of wine but it's looking like its just not worth it anymore.
I have found that any type of alcoholic drinks effects me and my crohns. Just have to decid-- is it worth it. Most times I have had a couple of drinks--I felt bad the next day and the next. Wish there was a drink that didn't make matters worse. If there is one--I haven't found it. Just best to stay away from it.
is anyone actually able to drink and not suffer from it
Apparently more than I should given I'm on methotrexate!

While on the methotrexate, I was told 1 or 2 standard drinks a week, at most 3. I've (accidentally!) exceeded 4.5 in one night and had no issues to speak of, perhaps my Germany ancestry helped a bit! :) I've yet to ask my physicians opinion of this, but my LFTs have been flawless to date.

I've tried a few different drinks, even the odd tequila shot, with no issues to speak of yet, but maybe I'm an exception, even with the methotrexate, and I take care not to overdo it.

Anyone on medications should seek the advice of their physician/pharmacist before consuming any alcohol.

This is especially true if taking methotrexate where even otherwise healthy patients must enforce moderation strictly, or Flagyl (metronidazole) which is contraindicated entirely
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My tolerance levels have certainly dropped this year, just putting it down to the never ending flare! But it hasn't stopped me knocking back the Shiraz, It's my weakness! Did have to leave it off for 3 months earlier this year due to it being contraindicated with my Ciclosporin, but the first glass following the treatment was like pure nectar!
I was drinking alot around the time I was diagnosed. I new it was killing me, but I was at a low point and didn't care. It got so bad though that I had to quit...nothing like almost pooping your pants to make you wake up. Now that I have been on meds and am doing better I will have a few drinks once in a while. I never liked beer. I have either mixed drinks, wine or smirnoff.
Wine or Sangria is good with me. So long as it's not more than 2 glasses in a few hours. If so, I've found that some bread or fries help. Don't ask me how.

I have to be more careful on how many drinks with vodka & redbull. Now they've turned into sips from my significant other's drink.
went out to a bar and ordered a ensure and a gatoraid. no ensure, but i had a gatoraid. i do miss a nice cold pabst blue ribbon, but that aint happening
I don't drink very much anymore either (maybe 3x a year). No beer, kills me. I can however drink vodka mixed with a clear pop or light juice. I can also drink margaritas (with triple sec and tequila), can even tolerate a few shots of teq. I will go to the bathroom like mad the next day no matter what kind of alcohol I drink, but I find these two and a cheap red wine lol. For some reason the more expensive the more they hurt me, the cheaper they are the better on my guts...and wallet! lol
Had met someone in hopsital a few yrs ago that said if the alcohol is made from a plant it tends to be better on the guts. Never quite understood but he was married to a nutritionist/dietician and said to research the alcohol to make sure it comes from plants? I dunno. I might actually go do that later! lol

hmm ive never had any problem with alcohol (my mom started me when i was 13...crazy mom) but when i drink its only on occasion like new years b-day graduation when i do drink its mixed drinks with vodka...thats the only think i will drink


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I'm bad....sitting here with a glass of Labatts' Light.....hoping I'll be able to sleep past 3am.....unlike last night!.....


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I like this thread! I was almost ashamed to admit to being a CD sufferer who drinks... until now ;)

I was diagnosed 5 years ago and for the first 4 of those 5 years I could binge drink to my heart's content and suffer nothing but the expected after-effects that EVERYONE experiences from drinking too much. A year ago though I had my worst flare and my diagnosis was changed from UC to CD, and since then I've found that heavy drinking no longer causes the standard 'HOP' as me an my friends call it (Hang-over poo lol), but instead I shit through the eye of a needle. It's like turning on a tap! Most of the time that happens a couple of times the next day and then I'm back to normal, but I've had a few instances of blood appearing in the bowl... so I don't think I can handle the same amount now. If I really over do it I feel like I'm running the risk of flaring. I am only a student for 6 more months so both the opportunity and urge and drink heavily will diminish significantly once I graduate! I'm trying to be more sensible NOW though as I'd hate to set myself back...

It's interesting that people find different alcoholic drinks have different effects. I always thought beer would be safer than spirits because spirits are so much stronger, but a lot of people are saying otherwise! I might have to do some experimenting. I usually drink both on a night out; maybe if I stick to one on night, then the other another night, I'll see if one of them is more tolerable. Luckily a few beers or glasses of wine, besides making me tipsy, doesn’t affect me at all - Crohn's or otherwise - so drinking socially isn't a problem. It's getting bladdered that takes it's toll! And people shouldn't be doing it anyway... (but it's so much fun lol).

Unfortunately my favourite mixer is Vodka and Red Bull - alcohol, caffeine, sugar and e-numbers?! That's gotta be bad for me even if I don't feel it. Why can't I can't drunk off a Shandy?!


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All alcohol is made from plants in some form. 90% of alcohol is made from grain products, the rest is generally fruit based in some way, either the actual fruit or the seeds.