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What annoys you the most when you are in a flair?


I know that when I am in a flair, there is nothing I want to do or see. I just want to fall asleep and get it over with!

What annoys you the most though when you are in a flair? I am not talking about a more general one that you can cope with, and not something that would make you need to go to the hospital immeadiately.

For me, when I was in a flair I really got annoyed whenever I was asked if I wanted anything. I know everyone was just trying to help, but when I said I wanted to be left alone, I meant it! Doing anything, even just talking was more than I would want to do at that moment so it bothered me when I was checked up on several times.


What makes me most batty during a bad flare is the vomiting and the feeling in my stomach that leads up to it. That's what drove me to the doc this last time and ultimately resulted in my getting diagnosed and having surgery. Nothing worse than trying to "be good" and eat stuff only to have it come back up.

i would have to say that the hospital stay bothers me, everytime i flare i endup in the hospital, the only good thing is the pain meds! i know thats a bad thing to say but.... hopfully none of us have a flare anytime soon!!:cool:


For me it's the lack of energy. I don't find it all that easy to ask people for help so I get a bit frustrated when I can't do things for myself.



The worst thing for me has always been not being able to plan anything or commit to anything far in advance in case I have to cancel...nights out, birthdays, holidays.

Even when I've been well for a good while it's always in the back of my mind that I may not be well the night before or something.


for me it was that fear that you carry around with you.. fear of having an accident, not being near a toilet, not making it to work, being afraid to let anyone touch or get close to you..
also the draining of all your energy, motivation, just didnt want to do anything, with anyone.. so I missed a lot.