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What are common side effects of Vedolizumab?

Hi, I'm new to this forum and about to start Vedolizumab next Tuesday. I had a picc line put in yesterday due to poor vascular access. I've had bad reactions to previous infusions of infliximab and humira and wondered what to expect following this one. I work full time and I'm due to be in work the following day, or am I being too optimistic? Any advice or comments would be gratefully received, many thanks :smile:


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New York, USA
The only person I've seen (in person) get Entyvio is a nurse at the infusion clinic where I get my Remicade.....his infusion coincided with mine one day, and I saw him get hooked up, infused and back to work in less than an hour.....

Hope your infusion goes as well as that!
I don't have any side effects, really. Been on it for 9 months now. Maybe a little tired a couple days after the infusion, but that's it. It's working really well for me. No active disease visible on my last scope.
I've been on it for just over a year now, it controls the disease well but I've had numerous side effects from it. However, I'm still on it due to my Crohns being so severe and already having 3 bowel resections, I have no other options. Been through all the other meds... Humira...ect. To list a few, I have headaches, leg cramps, lightheadedness, flushing and it has effected my eyesight most recently to where I went from perfect vision a year ago, to just getting no line bifocals because my near vison is shot and my far vision is strained.
If you start the Entyvio, my advice is read up on the medicine and know the effects.
Thanks. Have you tried Cimzia or Stelara? My doctor had me on Stelara for a little while. I think it is to be approved for Crohns soon. Hope you feel better soon.
No, I haven't tried those.
My doctors did not feel that they would be beneficial due to the severity of the disease.
I'm hoping for some new alternative options soon.
I've started going to Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Maryland (I live in Pennsylvania) for treatments and procedures, they are labeled as the 4th best facility in the U.S for Crohns, so hopefully they have some new ideas; my doctors here have run out of options for me at this point and have been given a 7 year window of survival.
Here's to hoping!
I am curious how the Entivyo ended up working for you. I am scheduled to have my 1st induction dose Monday after developing antibodies to humira and having reactions to remicade.
@ErinRoupp How are you doing? My daughter was treated at Peds GI at Hopkins too. She didnt start there until 2015 as we were seen at WRNMMC in Bethesda since 2012. We had moved south and still were not getting better. She has the genetic markers of UC but all the symptoms of crohns. She is currently on Entyvio and Thalomid. Thalomid is not commonly prescribed but it has been our saving grace at this point. Non of the conventional meds or treatment plans worked. We found a great Dr who is willing to try to work with us and not just push another med. Just a thought and wanted to know if things got better on Entyvio.