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What are side effects of remicade

At the age of 9, my daughter was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. We have been battling this disease for a year and a half. Constantly goin to the restroom, having accidents. We took her out of school for a short period of time so she wouldnt get picked on. We have been on azulfidine, pentasa, and now taking apriso and imuran. Nothing seems to help her at all except prednisone. In which her doctor doesnt want her to continue the prednisone because of the side effects. She has lost about 20lbs, has headaches all the time, and no energy at all. It is really heartbreaking to see her like this and not being able to help her or understand why none of the medicines are helping. Her doctor states that our next step is remicade or colostomy. The thoughts of her only being 10 yrs old and having a colostomy is not something i want to even consider. So i am considering remicade, but have read some scarey side effects. So my question is, What has the outcome been for anyone else with a child around my daughters age on remicade?


Hi and welcome to the forum. Here is some info on remicade

As you can see there are some serious side effects to using remicade, but remember that leaving crohns untreated can have some very serious side effects as well.

I think you need to weigh up the pros and cons to the colostomy, remicade and leaving as it is. I had the choice of remi or J-pouch and went with remicade and its been great :)

Also have a look at their website as it give some very good info http://www.remicade.com/pediatric-ulcerative-colitis

I would also ask this question in the parents section as you may get some more replies with 1st hand info. Have you looked into your kids diet as well? I have changed my eating habits and stopped eating certain foods and it has really helped