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What are the doseage intervals allowed for remicade

what are the doseage intervals allowed for remicade

I was diagnosed with crohn's disease 16 years ago and have tried every drug available. My last major flare up was last fall and I stayed in the hospital nearly 6 weeks (was on tpn with constant vomiting and extreme pain). While I was there I was told that I should try Remicade and if it did not work for me then I would have to have surgery (have never had surgery before). The remicade seem to work and I started to feel better so I was allowed to go home.The week before my fourth infusion I started to have symptoms (stomach pain) so I called my doctor and was told I should change my intervals between doses from 8 weeks to 7 weeks. After my last infusion I started to feel better again. Next week I am due for my fifth infusion and a few days ago my symptoms returned again but even worse than last time. Should I ask my doctor to change my infusions to 6 weeks apart now and what are the shortest intervals in between doses that are allowed? I am a 95pound woman and I know this is a powerful drug so how much can my body handle? I am so discouraged right now because I have been almost constantly sick for four years with only a few months of relief in between and I just don't know how much more I can take. Do you think that this may be a sign that this drug just isn't going to work for me either. I would appreciate everyones personal experience on this.
Your dose is determined by body weight, so you shouldn't have to worry about getting too much.
Shortening the interval to 6 weeks seems to be fairly common when it doesn't last the full 8 weeks. Other options include: increasing the dose, and adding another drug to the mix (a.k.a combo therapy). If your insurance is willing to pay, shortening the interval is probably the best option. Combo therapy creates other problems such as an increased risk of cancer, so I would try the other options first.
I originally went from 8 weeks at 5mg/kg then went to 6 weeks at 5mg/kg and eventually I needed even more than that so I went every 4 weeks at the regular 5mg/kg.. i ended up getting into a huge flare so I then started doing every 4 weeks at the max dose which I think is 10mg/kg of body weight