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What are the risks of taking previously frozen humira?

New to the forum. My son is abroad and freaked out when his Humira went out of range so he put it in the freezer for several hours. Went from 47.8 degrees F to 25 degrees F. Not sure how long it was at 25. Nowhere can I find any information about risks of taking previously frozen humira. I understand it might not be effective but am not clear if there is additional risk. Certainly he shouldn't take it if it is cloudy or has particles in it --all of that -- but since it's a protein, and it's sterile, are there additional risks to taking previously frozen Humira? AND, does anyone know at what temperature Humira freezes? This was a 'relatively' warm freezer at 25 degrees --my home freezer is at minus 1. Thanks so much!


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There is a help line provided by Abbott I believe that you can call for more information. I know there are a lot of warning about not freezing Humira, but I don't know the side effects of it. Best advice is to call the help line. Good luck!
Thanks. I have spoken to the nurses at Humira 800.4HUMIRA. Not able to provide me with helpful information for below 36 degrees --only above 46.
Just an fyi to anyone who might read this post, I called the Humira line again ..and this time, spoke with a different nurse who had specific information for Humira kept at temperatures below 36 degrees F for varying lengths of time. She was very helpful. My advice to anyone in this situation would be to be persistent and make sure you have details regarding the length of time your Humira was below the recommended temperature range and the exact temperature during that time.


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Thanks for the info, was he able to use it?
When ever I called I found it best to provide ha much information as possible so they can give you AV accurate answer
Yes! He is able to use it! Stability is supported at 25 degrees F for 8 hours. Will get his dose on Sunday. Thanks for your input -- take care and hope you are well.