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What are you grateful for today?

It's easy to get weighed down when we suffer from Crohn's and the symptoms it's brings....so...what are you grateful for today?

Stress is my trigger, and work is my stressor, so today I am grateful for my amazing fiancée. He looks after me everyday, and tries his best to understand what I am going through and what I need. He has allowed me to work part time hours and support us with his wage, so that I can be well and take it easy when I need to. On my bad days he will sit with me, make tea, and just watch funny movies until I'm feeling better. I truly am a lucky girl.

So, what are you grateful for today? 🥰
That sounds great Daytripper - that you have found a partner who really cares for you. I am grateful for each good day that my son has - when the toilet paper isn't being used too quickly - when I have to replace food faster than I used to, when he is able to do what a young adult should be doing. When you see your child suffer and then things are going well, you don't take little things for granted. :)
Grateful to be retired and no longer working so on bad days I don’t have to worry about having to call in sick. Or stop along the way to work to find a restroom or a bush to jump behind. 👍🏻
Ahh one good thing about IBD....it teaches us to be grateful for the small things! My mum says she always enjoys when I moan about putting on too much weight because it means I must be doing okay!

It must be wonderful to be retired so that you can truly relax, and use your own toilet, my gosh there is nothing like your own bathroom to retreat to!


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I am also grateful for retirement, as I worked most of my life without a diagnosis and much of life was agonizing between the misery of symptoms and life's/societie's expectations; ie making enough to pay the bills and keep the house between flares. Now I have some control over the Chrons and have some time out for myself
Retirement must be a wonderful blessing, you must be so strong to have worked without a diagnosis, it's hard enough working when we know our condition is demanding a day off, nevermind knowing we need the day off but not knowing why, it must have been agonising for you. I find life's expectations very difficult too, the world moves far too fast for those who need to rest! That's wonderful that you are finally getting some control over your crohns, enjoy it!
Grateful for being symptom free for several years, feeling good and being semi retired. No more stressful jobs or midnight shifts.
Ahh that must be wonderful to be symptom free! Definitely a lot to be grateful for there, especially not having to work stressful jobs anymore!