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What bloodwork is needed while on biologics?

When you are on biologics, what bloodwork tests are normally done and how often are the tests done?

I'm going to see my doctor, actually his assistant, next week for a follow up and I'd like to go in prepared.

I just finished my third starter dose of Cimzia this week. Now I will be on monthly injections. I've been on Prednisone since October (5mg daily now). Before starting the medicine, I asked my doctor about future bloodwork, and he was vague. He said something about being tested every six months to a year and didn't say exactly what I would be tested for. I didn't press the issue because at the time I didn't even know which biologic I'd be on or if my insurance would approve it. Six months to a year seems like it's too infrequent, but what do I know?

I asked a Cimzia nurse this same question, and all she mentioned was CRP to test for inflammation. She said to ask my doctor for specifics, which I will, but I'd also like to hear other's real life experiences. Thanks!


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I'm on Remicade, and these are the blood tests that I have done every other infusion (so every 4 months)

Automated Sedimentation Rate
C-reactive protein (CRP)
Comprehensive metabolic panel
CBC with differential