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What bugs you?

Hey there!
So I am one of the people on here who still hasn't really fugured out what foods bug me. I have tried gluten free, dairy free and a few others but symptoms seem to persist.
I know everyone is different and that something that bugs one person wouldn't even phase another (i.e. I LOVE Indian food, lots of spice and flavour and it doesn't bug me at all)

Let's hear it!
Most seeds/nuts, corn, cabbage, milk, cereal, ice cream, beans, tomatoes, raw fruits. Those are the big ones, but lots more stuff. Just what pops first into my head.
Beef, pork seem to slow my guts down to crawl and anything from KFC or Subway will put me on the can every 20 mins for a couple of days.

I still do not eat any greens, bean-sprouts, raw veggies, corn, whole wheat products, brown bread or High Fiber anything. Oh and I am really cautious about carrots.


Punctuation Impaired
Ashley, I have had this disease going on 12 years and I still haven't got it all figured out.....Somedays certain things bother me more than on other days.....Raw vegetables and popcorn cause me the most problems. So do highly fatty fried foods.
For me, it's Chocolate and sweets and fatty and or fried foods. That means that I should be eating healthy.
I am only just learning...or just kind of coming out of denial.

Onions, KFC and the most awesome homemade tomato soup (even if I do say so myself) bugs me.