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What did your crohns look like??

what did your crohns look like??

hi im just wondering if anyone saw their colonoscopy/endoscopy screen.
im still undiagnosed,waiting for biopsy results from endoscopy and ct scan..at my colonoscopy they showed me the screen and the pics of what they found in my terminal ileum..it was like red very red measles..kinda shiney red bumps and grazes??..

the biopsy from the colonoscopy came back normal,
what did yours look like??
I watched the screen in my colonoscopy (I wasn't sedated that well!) Some parts were pink with red veins (that's normal) then the inflamed parts were just red all over. And it looked like there were some whitish parts (maybe they were ulcers?). My biopsies confirmed Crohn's.


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Yeah, I was awake through my last one and my doctor talked me all through it, explaining what was on the screen and what it meant. She said the white was evidence of scarring and the red is the inflammation..

I don't remember really because it was over a year ago now, but I think she said the white was evidence of Crohn's because the scarring goes deeper with crohn's than colitis.
ahh..its interesting to know how others looked...i had the same at the duedeum bulb??..
i dont remember seeing white bumps just red bumps...but then i was semi sedated still,although they showed my hubby the pictures after,he said it looked like really red acne...
we shall see,i just hope they can find out what i have for sure,the crohns nurse says its crohns,but the gi hasnt diagnosed me??
I was under twilight, but it had no effect on me at all. I was wide awake for the whole procedure. At first the doctor was like everything looks great until he got up to the exit of my intestines. He pointed out a spot in my colon it looked like tiny red dots or pin holes covering the entire upper portion of my colon. So the Dr. ordered a barium x-ray test to be done to look at my intestines and the results were the same tiny pin holes all over the inside of my intestines. Shortly after I was diagnosed with crohns
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I was out cold, but saw the pictures they had taken...was really read and swollen looking with some white patches here and there.
I was out cold, but saw the pictures they had taken...was really read and swollen looking with some white patches here and there.


I'm kind of surprised more people here dont have their reports with pictures in it. The only tests for which I don't have pics is the CT Enterography and SB follow through.