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What do I expect from Humira


Holding It Together
My daughter, now 22, is failing sulfasalazine due to low white count. She has already failed 6MP for same reason 3 years ago. Her rheumatologist wants her to start Humira soon for joint issues. What can we expect as far as side effects? Is it usually well tolerated? Also, does anyone know how helpful it is for anal fissures?

my little penguin

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My kiddo was on humira from age 9 to 14
No real issues except injection site redness
It did not fully cover his juvenile arthritis
We added methotrexate to it
But he still ended up with scar tissue in his tendons in his hands
He has been on Stelara (high dose 90 mg every 4 weeks ) plus methotrexate since the August of 2017
Almost 4 years
No active arthritis once it started working (took 3 months once at every 4 weeks )

anal fissures usually respond well to steriod suppositories