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What do I need for hospital stay?


Never stayed in hospital before so wouldnt have a clue. Its up to a week Ive been told. Im going for a flexi as soon as i get booked in but not sure why they want to keep on eye on me for that long (having stomach pains and D about 20times a day).

So anyway this is my list:
2x books to read
1x ipod
phone + charger
drawing material
dressing gown
change of underwear

Am I missing anything?
A bag of sweets and some cash plus credit card - never know what you might need to buy (newspapers etc). Do they have tv? I found pyjama bottoms useful too - stops the draft!
good luck. hope you get nice nurses, and they manage to help you.
I don't know if you can handle food or anything at the moment, but I remember when I was in hospital my mum brought me some barley sugar lollies to suck on so I could get a bit of energy seeing as I couldn't as wasn't allowed to eat much due to being on a Low residue diet and hardly any appetite. Also not sure whether it's an issue for you or not but I know some of those hospital bed pillows can get really uncomfortable after a few days maybe take one of your own to get better sleep while there? I Hope that helps as that's all I can think of. Best of luck with your visit champ and hope you feel better soon! - Tim
Chapstick! My lips get so dry in the hospital. Lotion too. PJ bottoms, socks with grippy bottoms (I hate the ones they have there), extra underwear.

If you have to share a room, and you have a laptop, I highly recommend getting a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. When my roommates have multiple guests, talk on the phone at 12 am (true story), or just generally get annoying, I turn on the laptop, put on music and I can't hear anything. Pure bliss, and no chance of me getting kicked out of hospital for trying to kill roommates or make them cry.
Hey , i just took my own PJ's , obv : underwear/shower gel/shampoo/conditioner.
I even had my man bring me in my hairdryer and hair straightners.
Suduko and crossword books. Playstation portable, Books, Portable DVD player......
I was in for 2 weeks and was going insane from bordom. I was in a seperate room by myself as i caught C-dif whilst in there so needed to keep myself entertained as had nobody to talk to most of the time.
Was in for a week twice before and it was ok (kinda peaceful lol)
Good Luck :)


Bottles of water, hospital water tastes like TCP!
and some squash.
Defo some money for the telly.
Some trackies and T shirts, (day clothes) you don't want to be walking around in jammies all day!
Oh, and towels, hospital ones are like cardboard!
I agree with Joan, bring your day clothes then you can get a walk outdoors a couple of times a day it def makes you feel more normal and less sick, my sister even sneaked me out to the local shops cannula in situ and all!!. Money to by decent coffee, scone and newspaper from the shop to help the time pass. Good luck
Think the guys here have covered almost everything, ear plugs a must if public ward, 6 beds when I was kept in two months ago, general ward as hospital was stuffed to rafters, ages ranged from 68-92. I'm 35!!!
Oh a roll of toilet paper the stuff they use in my hosp like sand paper and flip-flops for shower, don't even want to think whats on that floor!!!

A rope ladder was on my list but couldn't find one long enough to get off the 4th floor.

Good luck, hope it all goes well and time goes in fast for you.

Gwen xxx


I have no idea what hospitals are like in the UK (sounds like you got some good ideas going here) but for the most part, in Canada, I pack to go to the hospital like I would if I were going to a hotel for the same length of time (one with crappy room service) LOL! I usually end up "moving" in with a suitcase - literally - with all the supplies and cloths I would need for that length of stay anywhere else.

That being said, I am also spoiled enough to have private insurance that covers private rooms - so i almost never have a roommate, and if I do, it is never for longer than 24 hours.... :redface:

Good luck. :)