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What do my colonoscopy results mean?

Hi everyone.. I've been suffering with symptoms similar to IBD (diarrhea, abdominal pain, positive fecal leukocyte test) and recently had a colonoscopy to look further. The doctor said my colon and the examined portion of the ileum were normal but took biopsies to check. What has me worried (and confused) though - results said "mucal irregularity and granularity at the ileocecal valve which could represent a polyp"- biopsied. I will have the biopsy results in a few days but I don't meet with my GI for another month and wondering if anyone could help me understand what that could mean, or if it could mean nothing. I attached the images from the colonoscopy. Thanks for your help!


granular mucosa means that the mucosa is irritated or inflamed.. that can be caused by many different things and would explain why you were having diarrhea and such. I'm wondering if it was just a very small area if they commented that it could represent a polyp.. But without being the dr I couldn't tell you for sure. I'm assuming it's that small area that you see well in picture 8.