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What do you describe as "your new normal"

I was diagnosed Aug 2010 but had CT scans and a colonoscopy from Aug 2009 until my official diagnosis. The CT scans essentially tracked the disease getting worse (it's a long story). Anyway at my worse I was going several times a day, waking multiple times a night and having lots of cramping, urgency, accidents and bloody diarrhea. I start treatment and things get better, going 3ish times a day, waking sometime during the night but always passing blood.

My question is...should I just accept that I will always pass blood or is that a bad sign and I should work to avoid passing blood?
Hi. I was also diagnosed in Aug 2010. I have crohns colitis.. For me normal is not going much and no tummy pains.. My days go up and down. . I find stress makes my symptoms worse. At my worse was having fistula surgery and prednisone after. Also going thru a tough time of going 20+ times a day last year, along with polyarthralgia, and extreme fatigue. I was taking methotrexate injections and it made things worse. I'm starting liadia soon and hoping it will work. Apriso worked for me but my ins doesn't cover it.. So on to this one.
I think its all about finding the right combo of meds and trying to minimize stress. I understand about the blood. Mine has come and go. I was having a real bad time with blood in the past.. But thankfully it's minimized now. My dr tells me to monitor the color of blood. If its bright red its the large intestine, and the darker could be from deeper in the digestive tract. I wish you well and hope you find some good answers. :)