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What do you do with you old pouches?


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what do you do with you old pouches?

what do you do with pouches you dont need anymore? i ask this as i have just changed to a new system and wondered what to do with the old ones i wont be using again. i dont want to chuck them in the bin, my stoma suppiler wont have them back, so what can i do with them? regards sharon x
I have no idea, but maybe there is a place that will recycle them for you, or you could donate them somewhere. Or keep a few just in case.
When I had an iliostomy I had a home health nurse come to my house..(there was a lot of healthe issues going on at one time). When I had left over supplies for whatever reason I gave them to her. She could not give them back to the supplier but she appreciated them as she could use them with her other patients. You might look into local home health services in your area. I hope this helps. I am not sure where you are lovated but if you want to send them to me I can give them to her as I still communicate with her.