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What do you eat during a flare up?

During my flare ups I feel extreme nausea, body aches, and diarrhea to the point where I can't really eat. But when I force myself I'll usually have watermelon, peach fruit cup in 100% juice, or a banana with a few saltine crackers for breakfast, mashed potatoes for dinner or rice for dinner. Sometimes I can't eat 3 full meals.. Also sometimes for dinner or lunch I'll have a vegan protein shake.
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I was just at the ER and the Hospital and they told me at discharge time to eat a "full liquid diet" ( this was based on my CT Scan results and my symptoms ) so I am eating those foods until I feel better & finish taking my new Hospital medications & see my Gastroenterologist on April 7th. Food tolerance is different for every single person. Keep a food diary. Look up liquid diet, full liquid diet and soft food diet on the Internet. Always stay hydrated, chew your food well, eat slowly and eat very small amounts of food at one time. I am not a medical professional, this is just my opinion based on my own experiences. I have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.