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What do you eat?

I'm mostly just curious about what different people with ibs and ibd eats. There will be absolutely no criticism or anything on this post.

So what do you eat? :)
I eat a lot of chicken, rice, gluten free and dairy free products. I also eat some turkey. Potatoes are good. I have trouble with vegetables with roughage.



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Being in remission right now, I do my best not to eat fast food or highly processed foods. Majority of my foods are clean eating at home as well as juicing on occasion to give my gut some rest time. If I eat well enough most of the week, I allow myself a decent meal at a nice restaurant once a week or so.

Chicken and fish are a big part of my diet. I have eliminated milk because my body has a hard time with milk since crohn's. I switched to greek yogurt.

I hate eating veggies but I find creative ways to incorporate them that makes them taste good and easy to digest. For example, I swap out certain foods for veggie versions. For example instead of pasta I make spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles. I also make cauliflower pizza crust instead of regular pizza crust. I avoid broccoli because when I was flaring it caused me so much pain that it just scares me to eat now. Overall, I actively try to balance out my food types and portions.

I eat multiple small meals in a day instead of large meals because it is far more comfortable to digest.
-Roti (Its home made Indian bread made of whole wheat. no refined flour).
-lot of green vegetables.
-an ayurvedic tonic
-fruits (mostly pomegranate, banana and Bael)

No dairy. But very importantly we use a lot of spices in our food..especially Turmeric,ginger and garlic its a traditional thing. I think that makes a big difference.
It's easier to say what avoid oily,greasy cheap processed food and melon it marked my soul.oily fish like mackerel is fine for me and as said earlier lots of chicken and rice