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What do you feel when you have a crohns attack?

I'm interested to know if you all feel the same kind of pain when you have a crohns attack? Is your pain lasting? Does it come in waves? Do u get goosebumps? Chills?

This is how my pain is ; basically I get waves of writhing twisting pain which within a second or two causes goosebumps and chills as well for about a minute, then it slowly goes away ( kind of like real ocean waves, but slowly fading the pain.). After that I feel really weak like I have just run a marathon.
Usually I would have diarreaa just after the pain starts, but now I have a colostomy so this isn't really an issue any more for me.

I am really interested to know what everyone else feels?

repeatable attack

One of the more repeatable attacks I had over the years was:

1.) Intestines would stop and clamp down
2.) Nothing would move.
3.) Light cramps, mild pain
3.) As stuff just stayed there in stomach I would feel more and more nauseated
4.) After sometimes hours of nauseated feeling, I would be sick to stomach
5.) More intestinal pain
6.) slowly over a day or two the pain would subside
7.) things would work again
8.) we'd get a cheese pizza and I would feel good for a while. Don't know if the pizza did me any good, but it made it seem like I was doing something.

THis happened many times over a several year period

After a memorable attack during the Blues Brothers Movie, I can never finish watching it.
severe abdominal cramps and in my back, feeling like I'm going to crap my pants even though there's nothing left to come out, I hate those days! haven't had one in a long long time thankfully. my first sign of a flare up is loss of appetite, bloated feeling and eventually I vomit over every little thing, even if there's a breeze and I feel the hair move on my arms it could set me off. and when I do eat I have to go to the bathroom before I even swallow the first bite. its so annoying and gross.
I feel bloated and uncomfortable for a while. Then it will slowly build toward the big D, with waves of pain, and sometimes sharp pains. Eventually, the D will start having blood on it, so then I will call. Fatigue gets worse as this goes along.
I have the same symptoms as you...waves of cramps/pain with goosebumps and chills and then the D and then exhaustion. I was in remission for almost 2 years but the past couple of weeks I've had my symptoms coming back and think I am flaring up. Oh, also get terrible back ache when I am having cramps. :poo: