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What do you for joy?



Hi, everyone

About 8 years ago I broke my shoulder, which led me to photography. :)

My interest and need to take pictures has had quite an evolution over the years, starting as just a fun little hobby, turning into a kind of therapy to get me through difficult times. And during that time, I seem to have developed some skill at it so it is starting to become another source of income for me also.

A while ago I started sending pictures to various friends who liked to receive them. I would send them randomly, a bunch one day, then the next, then maybe none for a week or so. I received lots of feedback about how they made the recipient smile that day, etc.

Last year I found out that one of my recipients was suddenly in the caregiving role for her husband of many years who was in the end stages of cancer; and another friend was diagnosed with some very serious conditions... At that point I made a commitment to send one picture every day to the whole list, as a way of trying to support my friends going through difficult times. Of course there are lots of folks on my list who aren't dealing with major problems, but everyone has bad days, and they appreciate the pictures too. :)

What I didn't realize when I made this commitment, is how grounding it is for me, also. No matter how I feel (emotionally, physically, etc.), I've made that commitment to send a picture every day, and there are very few days that I've missed. Now, as I figure out how to live with this disease, and deal with a roller coaster of emotions daily, I look to my pictures, and the routine of sharing them, as a positive and stable routine. Some days, just looking through the pictures and trying to find just the right one to send at that moment is such a reminder to stop worrying and to appreciate the joy and beauty that still exists all around me.

I'm interested to know the ways that you find joy, solace, positive energy, both with living with Crohn's and with dealing with life in general.

If you'd like to see some of my pictures, go to my blog
if you'd like to be added to my pictures list, private message me with your email address.

Hugs and butterflies to all of you,
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Your pictures are great! I really like the pets, the dogs look like they're smiling!
As for me, I find joy in doing various hand crafts from cross stich to handmade cards, embroidery, quilling and recently punch embroidery. Keeping my hands busy keeps my mind busy, thus keeping me from dwelling on this illness.

Keep up the good work with the pictures!
What a beautiful idea to share your pics!
I'm going to go take a look see in a second.

As for me I write poetry...it's a great outlet,
to get all those feelings down on paper, or on the computer.

I post the poetry on a poetry site and also moderate there as well.
I write poetry and lyrics(although stuggling with that one right now), I also do Parkour, cycling and playing my brand new guitar which I will post pics of soon in Zoints. Great pictures.


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I come from the north coast of Ireland and I love walking along the beach with the waves coming pounding in after a storm at sea. So when I get the chance to go home I make the most of it!

Anywhere there is water really I find relaxing like along a river and watching the birds etc. Or forest parks with waterfalls.

Also enjoy the company of others and a really good giggle. Love making folk laugh heartily.

I sing when I have the breath (asthmatic) and have a reasonable voice range.
I like walking the beach in the summer,collecting interesting rocks and shells, and I love gardening[ my flower gardens the best}. I can spend hours in them digging around. I also collect frogs.. not real ones any other kind, love them

I write and do woodworking and spend time with my wife and baby girl.

I like to write sci-fi and fantasy and a bit of horror. Hoping to turn it into a career soon.

The woodworking is mostly stuff I'm doing for my Dad so he can sell them through his business, but I make Christmas gifts as well when we're too broke to buy gifts. Uploaded some to my Zoints profile.

Oh and cooking. Can't forget cooking.
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I love to write. Mostly poetry. Some in book form for my granddaughter
as they are with pictures about her growing up.
I love to garden, flowers, unusual ones.
While I'm out there I hunt for faeries. *wink*
Bass fish..oh yes..love that!
I collect rocks too from the lake shore...and some shells.
I paint on rocks and place them in my flower beds.
I enjoy music...all music.
My son sings professionally and plays guitar. New country.
Most of all..it's the writing..it really helps to get those feelings out. :)


I am just joyful to be in the situation I am currently in. I have won the human lottery, as I was born in a great country where I am free to do as I wish. I have Crohn's Disease, but was able to get treatment. I am able to go to University and learn and have the opportunity to get a job in any field I am interested in. I get to spend my time and money as I wish. Just by living in a country where the minimum wage is above $2 per day I am doing better than Roughly 2/3rds of the world population.

When we have a disease and feel "different" or isolated from "normal" people, it can get you down. I know it did for me. But even within the people affected with this disease, it is not too hard in most cases to find others who, if not have gone through a very similar situation to what you have been through, have been through something much worst. Even during my stays in a hospital within the emergency room it is often not too hard to see people who are going through their own problems that are more severe than your own.

I get joy from reading, as I love to learn more. I also enjoy spending time with people, and humour/laughter.


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Joy? It can come from the simplest of things.. and yet it can remain elusive to so many of us. As a child, I had a creative spirit.. a child's imagination is often full of so much.. However, in my day, pursuit of childhood dreams was discouraged. Much wiser to be practical, or so the thinking of the time was. I pursued a career in Information Technology, with a strong background in computer manufacturing. In college, my instructors noted that I had a gift for technical writing, and with my first 'job' in the industry, I wrote and co-wrote a number of technical manuals.. and
some are still in use today.. However, my Crohn's has ended my IT career after a number of decades, and my written works remain the property of the companies I worked for at the time.. So, at times when I wanted to distract myself from pain or other symptoms, I took to writing again.. More boring technical manuals. NO! I started writing musical comedies.. 2 or 3 act plays, farces, sketches, what have you... I've copywrited a few, although none have been published to date.. BUT, I do have one that a theatre producer is considering putting on the stage. No date as yet, but at least it's written, out there, and actually may go into production. My
benefit? Well, hopefully some payment on the back end (typical for a stageplay), my name as the author (copyrighted no less), possibly publication (esp if a hit), and it's mine.. (my creation, my brainchild, not to be put up for adoption EVER!) and it's one less thing on my to do list.. That list of things we all aspire to do on the inevitable 'someday'. .. You know? someday when the bills are paid, or the kids are grown, or my career is on track, or I retire and have all of that spare time. Funny thing is.. Crohn's made me realize there really is no such thing as someday.
The only time you are guarranteed is the here and now. Better spend it wisely..


Great pics! The flowers are very pretty! What I do to gain new perspective and a better state of mind is I swim. I go to the local Y each week. I just love to be in the water. When I am swimming nothing else exists- just me and the water. I always feel so much better when I get to go to the pool.