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What does a blockage feel like?

Today I experienced the worst pain I have probably ever had while not going to the bathroom. I didn't have to go immediatley after the pain was gone either. I was walking towards the couch when all of a sudden I had to almost double over in pain. Nothing helped and it almost felt like somebody had grabbed my insides and was twisting them over. It was super intense and didn't start to let up very quickly at all. Probably about 20mins later it finally started to improve although very slowly. I wasn't going to the bathroom just standing and didn't go the bathroom for another 2 hours or so later. The pain did hit about 10-20 mins after eating althogh it was a meal that hasn't seemed to cause me problems before. I have never been told I had a blockage and infact had a colonoscopy 1 week ago to dilate any narrowings (which I think was a waste of time and have actually gone backwards since the colonoscopy). Anyways I've never had a blockage that I know of but does anybody have any idea what this could be? Or has anybody experienced worsened symptoms after a colonoscopy? I was damned near remission before the scope but since its been up and down showing flashes of remission and flashes of the old days. Thanks for any help you can give.
Oooh, sorry to hear that, sounds yuck!

I don;t know much about these things yet. I have been experiencing come nasty cramps anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours after eating dinner and I am asuming that is the food hitting my ileum which is where my problems are.

Isn't your's in the colon? I would be surprised at food getting there that fast! Someone else will be able to help more. However, apparantly if you are actually blocked you REALLY know about it - vomitting and such!

Maybe it was just a one off? Hope so!
Sorry to hear you having a bad time, when I had blockage I would describe the pain as if someone has kicked you in the stomach, and nothing you do will stop it hurting then after about a minute the spasm will subside for about couple of mins then starts again, I was also passing a lot of black blood. If it were me I would be back down the hospital again and jumping up and down to get some attention!!

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I am sorry you had to experience what to me is like partial blockage, which is pain enough. Full blockages are my worst nightmare!. First you start vomiting, then you have pain worse than natural child labour by 10 fold, when this happens I am in the hospital with pains so bad I cant event talk. Because you are blocked some hospitals put a tube down but I always refuse and just vomit until the feces comes back up. Even Morphine with antinausea doesn't work... mine last for 24 hours and then a day or so later the pain goes away and then the pooping begins. I vow that if it happens again , it will be my 3rd surgery. With myself having narrowing it doesnt go away.

I would get a sbft to see if the dialation worked. But for now I would stick to fluids until it realy calms down.


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My pain was always like sharp contractions....Now I know not everyone has experienced contractions. Our bowels move in a wave like motion (peristalsis). They contract to force the food through...I would have sharp pain that would increase and decrease. It was followed my vomiting....Hope that helps.
Ok thanks guys its definately not blockage then because I never vomiitted or even felt like vomiting. Just super intense cramps which I had again today but I hadn't eaten in about 2 hours. I'm not sure whats going on but my next GI vist is on Feburary 16th so I'll be asking all about this then too.

My Crohn's affects mainly the area where the small and large intestine join and at the very end of my colon.


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That is where mine is too. I would have the sharp pains from time to time. Actually for years. It would last a few days, then go away. It wasn't until the vomiting and excruciating pain came that I knew it was a blockage. Crohn's of the sm. bowel is suppose to be the most painful??? You are probably really inflamed. Sorry :(
Yeah its ok but thanks. I thought I was basically into remission before I went for a colonscopy on Jan 4th and had a dilation done. Since then I think I've gone backwords and I'm missing class right now even. Could the dilation have something to do with it? Surely I should be healed from that 9 days later?
I have had a few good blockages the most recent one lead to surgery. For me my belly would grow and become extended and very hard. I also never experienced vomiting and or felt like it at all. But I was always in pain pretty much and was very sharp and would last 10 to 15 minutes at a time. My affected area is in my ilium where it meets the colon where I had three extremely bad strictures.

But if you aren't feeling well or start vomiting or have a fever go to the ER tell them you are a Crohnes patient and you think you have a blockage and are in a high level of pain and you will be seen right away.
Gas pains can be pretty nasty after a procedure like that and you might have some trapped in there. Here's hoping that's all it is anyway. I refuse to use a straw and try not to ingest air when eating because of that.

I had an obstruction in my illium pre-surgery and It was most painful right after eating. It was bad enough in the Hospital they had to keep me medicated with Morphine/gravol. At one point I was pushing myself up the wall behind the bed trying to crawl away from my own guts. It broke on its own after a few days but I had to stay on full fluid diet for a couple months afterward because of the affected area. They removed that section since though.
If you feel that something does not feel well or right it is better to be on the safe side and get it checked out.

When I had my blockage it came very unexpected. Two weeks before I was in the hospital for a bad flare for about a week. Two weeks later I was tapering off pred and one day felt very uncomfortable. The night before the blockage or probably when it started I thought of it as a usual bad day. The day after my mother spoke to me on the phone in the morning and heard that something was not right in my voice when I was speaking to her. I told her I was fine and it was just a bad day and I just wanted to lay down. THANK GOD for her motherly instincts she started to head over with my brother and at the time did not have a car and took public transportation which took 3 hours to get to me. During those three hours I felt more and more pain and discomfort. I was crouched over couldnt stand up straight and thought if I started to walk a lot that my bowels would move and then I would feel better. The walking circles around my apartment was not doing anything. I must have looked like a nut to the neighbors because I went outside with tears and hurled over holding my stomach and trying to walk around. The pain started to get so bad I went back in almost collapsing from the pain and my mother and brother got there just in time to take me to the ER. At that point I was screaming and crying in horrific pain. They started up the IV gave me diluadid and I was still in pain. The fever was up to 104.6 and the confirmation that it was a blockage had them get the NG tube ready. I was still crying in pain two nurses were holding my hands while the doctor was putting the NG tube in. Another nurse was getting ready after to put the cathedar in after. The room felt like it was spinning. My mother was crying in the backround, my brother looking in horror, and the older lady in the bed next to me rocking back and forth praying while all watching what was my nightmare. That cost me another 2 weeks in the hospital. I hope and pray that something like that will never happen again.

If you are not feeling well even if you think its a flare if it is causing you pain and discomfort please go to the ER or call your doctor just to make sure everything is ok with you.
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Never had a blockage that I know of, but I have had pain like that just about everyday the last few years. Didn't subside until I got put on Vicodins and then Percocets and finally back on Prednisone.
Hmm ok well thank you for the concern but I've felt a lot better today and last night just the regular bathroom trips and regular discomfort associated with it. If I get that very sharp and intense pain again I will for sure be paying a visit to my doctor or the ER.
I know the pain for me gets so bad that I get faint and then nauseous.

I mostly get the worst of mine when I first wake up in the morning and about 30 minutes after eating. Then I get some spotty mild pain off and on through out the day.
Hi i'm getting really worried i have a blockage or something. I'm on a low residue and low fat diet until i have my colonoscopy and get put on azathioprine.

The other day i ate some fish cakes which i normally tolerate but little did i know they had chopped onions in. I cant eat ANY fruit and veg at the moment and almost instantly i felt bad for eating them.

The next day i was really bloated and since then every meal i ate made me feel more bloated and constipated. I can barely go to the toilet and it's really hard to pass wind.

I managed to go to day but it was just D. I'm so worried i have a minor blockage or im really inflamed again. I went on the elemental diet for a month and have been on low fibre for nearly 3 weeks and was doing so well.

I don't want to have to start on elemental again or have to go back in hospital :( Any advice?