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What does gastritis feel like?

When I had my endoscopy last year there was mild, chronic inflammation of my stomach. To date I do not think this is something I typically feel to any degree.

Today, since around 11 AM I have had this weird stomach ache. It's not a stabbing pain, it's an ache that varies in intensity. I would say that location-wise it's in the middle of my abdomen, not really concentrated on any one side. At first I thought it was hunger related, but that hasn't helped. I've taken Zantac prior to a cup of peppermint tea, and also a hyomax and nothing has relieved it. What it feels like is gas, because every so often I feel the urge to pass gas or go to the bathroom. But I can't. I did go around 1pm and it was little strips, which I've never done before. A little while ago I felt I might need to hurl. But that passed. I'm not sure how much sleep I will get tonight. Ugh.

Does anyone ever get such a stomach ache?
Gastritis was high and central, perhaps a little right sided, IIRC. The only thing that fixed it was omeprazole and the like.
Thanks, Beth. Then I guess the Zantac should have helped if it were gastritis, huh? The pain woke me up during the night and I was able to go to the bathroom. I still feel it so I guess today will suck also, at least partly.


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May, when I had a bad attack of gastritis, it was like upper middle pain - maybe about 2 inches below my sternum. I was very nauseous and having lots of d, it kind of felt like a flare but without the joint pains & night sweats. Pretty miserable though and very painful. As Beth said, the only thing that seemed to get it calmed down was Omeprazole. And that took a few days to have full effect. Zantac usually doesn't do much of anything for me - I think Tums does more than Zantac.

What you've described doesn't sound like gastritis though! With the pain and the skinny poos and not being able to go, it almost sounds like a partial obstruction. If it keeps up or gets worse, please go get checked out! I hope it's just a fluke, feel better soon!
If this doesn't let up shortly I'm going to the urgent care clinic down the street. They have a great reputation and are supposed to be very thorough. I told my husband if I'm no better by the time he gets home tonight I'm going to the doc. He suggested I go sooner and if need be call his mother to come watch the kids.

Now I have small amounts of d when I go. But no relief yet. Thanks for the tips, Cat. I didn't think it was gastritis, but I figured I'd ask.


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If you get any new symptoms like vomiting or fever, please go in right away. I re-read your original post and it really doesn't sound like gastritis to me - you said the pain isn't really concentrated on one side. My gastritis was definitely concentrated in one spot, and if I pushed on that spot then it hurt even worse.

Hang in there! If it is a partial obstruction, it may clear up on its own or it may not. Try to eat really soft foods or liquids only until you start to feel better. You know the drill, nothing with seeds or skins. Don't want to make it worse if that's what it is. Feel better soon May, I'll keep you in my thoughts. Hugs!
My husband has some protein shakes. That it what I will be eating here for awhile. Yeah, I had a fever briefly last night but it's gone now. That was when I had urges to vomit. I have had small waves of nausea this morning, but I haven't thrown up. My son had an unexplainable fever Tuesday and Wednesday, so I assumed at first I had just gotten something from him.

Thanks for thinking about me. I am keeping an eye on things. This is annoying at best.
yes that's defiantly something i get after i eat with my gastritis. i have nothing usefull to say about gastritis. i've had it in various forms for 2 years.

OTC things might not be strong enough and they often need several day just like a rx. pepermint is actually bad for gastritis so is milk. slightly counter intuitive but true
I am feeling a little better at this point. A couple of hours ago, not so much, so we'll see, but it seems to be easing up. The feeling still seems to come back to varying degrees after I eat, no matter what I eat. Even when I drank that protein shake for lunch, it came back. I also drank a can of carbonated water, and that helped me to burp, A LOT, so maybe that relieved some of the pressure, b/c it totally feels like gas is trapped all in there. So I don't know what this is.


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Glad to hear you're doing somewhat better, and I hope you continue to improve. For some reason I sometimes get really bloated too and feel like there's a bunch of trapped air in there, although your situation sounds a bit more painful. Once when I was really bloated with air, hubby did some googling and found that I should lay on the floor flat on my face (like the "planking" position) with a pillow under my belly. It actually seemed to help! The air started moving and (sorry, TMI) I started farting like crazy and felt a lot better. Burping sounds like progress, are you passing wind at all? If not, try lying on the floor like that and see if it helps.
That's actually how I slept last night - in the bed with a pillow under my abdomen. It was the only way I could get enough relief to fall asleep. It didn't cause a major wind storm or anything, but the pressure felt kind of good. Yeah, I draped myself over the arm of the couch earlier too, trying to get things moving. Hopefully the worst is over.
sounds like when I had my gallbladder pain and needed it and stones removing. My gp diagnosed an ulcer, told me to drink milk and eat diary, what an idiot and now struck off! Couldnt even drink water in the end. Lansoprazole were helpful as I also had H Pylori Bacter and therefore gastritis. Have you had a scan to check for gallbladder problems? Also the burping is a symptom, do you have any pain in your back?
I had some low back pain earlier, but I am getting ready to start my period so I think that is the cause. I had my gallbladder checked out via ultrasound about 1 1/2 years ago. I almost don't feel anything anymore. So maybe it's going away.
The back pain is sort of down from your right shoulder blade, I didnt get this til the end, or pain in gallbladder area til 4 weeks before but that pain thro the middle like a knife twisting was awful. hope you get well soon x