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What does Pred do for you?

I don't really know what i'm looking for here, but i think i just want to get some clarity on what i should be looking for? I guess i had some high expectations for it, that i was going to feel 100% better, back to my old self again (whatever that may be). I have been feeling some improvement, the bloating has subsided, the cramping isn't as frequent or as bad, and my BM's are normalizing, the nausea is completely gone....but i've noticed a different pain than before in my upper abdomen, almost feels like it's bruised? Where before, the pain was in my lower two quad's, and deeper. It hurt most of the time, and especially on deep palpation. Now, i'm finding that the pain i'm having seems surface-ish, just a tender touch is quite uncomfortable. I'm also still feeling almost like i'm not digesting at a normal speed, if that makes sense, kind of like stuff just sits in my stomach longer usual? i know Pred can cause constipation, so maybe my whole peristalsis is out of whack, slowed down, and because i was having such bad D it hasn't turned to C yet, and is just slowly firming up? I guess i'm just trying to talk this out, does any of this sound like the norm? what kind of results have you ahd from Pred? I've taken 6 doses of 40mg at this point. Am i looking for too much too soon, not giving it enough time to really work?


I found that the Prednisone took a couple of weeks to really start working for me in regards to my digestive system. I got the insomnia and mania almost right away though! Even then, I wasn't totally 'normal' even when I was on the Prednisone. My disease was pretty agressive though.

Give it some time, I hope you feel better soon!
Sorry I cany be of more help Pam, as Pred didnt really do anything for me, but it is good that the D as slowed down and the pain isnt in the lower quad. :)
I think though, give it some more time to see, it wont be a quick fix, your guts will take time to heal.
To be honest it's been the only drug that's ever given me good, long term benefits. But then it was so good I couldn't get off it for years lol. Give it a few weeks though. Some drugs work better for some than others.
Thanks guys. :) My doc was like "oh, you'll be feeling better by the weekend for sure" on Thursday, so i was expecting some miraculous results! LOL. There has deffinately been some improvement, so i need to revel in that i guess! :)
Rome wasn't built in a day

it will take time to normalise
even then u may not fully recover as there is only so much pred can do

but like u hav said u hav already noticed some big improvements from jus six doses
it could take anywhere upto a month depending on how bad u r inside

jus take it easy, wait, an be mindful of the side effects too( even though u mite feel better soon with heaps of energy - jus take it easy rest n relax best medicine)
good luck
i dont have the stomach pain. but i do get sore joints every couple days, and falling asleep seems to be getting harder.
My GI warned me that it could take up to a month for it to be fully in my system. So hang in there!! Are you still taking them at night? If so, does it seem to be helping with sleep?


hiya Tam
I've been on it 5 weeks and feel sooo well, but like nyx said, my mania and insomnia was immediate too!
must take a few weeks to kick in, but bear with it, I feel so happy, no pain, no D&V, energised, little bit of C today, no joint pain, no headaches
try not to over do things tho, cos it can mask what's really going on
lotsa luv xx


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Pam, I always had that bruised feeling no matter what med I was on. Since my surgery it has been gone....That was my gauge on how inflamed I was. If the doctor could push down without me jumping off the table, I was having a good day....It always was sore though.
thanks everyone. :) I'm glad i asked, i deffinately had my expectations for this a little too high! Makes sense though, that it takes time for things to really settle down. i just hope that the GI on Friday will take the improvements as a good thing, and start some other form of treatment, assuming it's an IBD, and not wait until we have another go at a colonoscopy. I think if he refuses to start treatment i'll ask for a new GI....