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What does remission feel like?

Just wondering what other people experience when they are in remission? I have no idea if I am or not.....last time I thought I was doing ok I had a huge mass of inflammation and had to have surgery, now am on humira, along with imuran which I have taken for years. I still get occassional pain, daily d's, occassional blood, now have some embarassing issues with my rear end....also feel like I have some leakage mostly at night (sorry - TMI!) Have also had a few times when I have a day of flu-like feelings but the next day am fine - I have had this before but when I was in a major flare.
When someone is in remission can they expect to have no d and no pain? Would love to hear about others experiences so I can cheer myself up a bit....feeling a bit whingey today :ymad: