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What does your Crohn’s pain feel like?

And where is it located? Would anyone describe their pain as ‘side stitch’ in nature, but all over?
San Diego
My pain occurs in the lower right abdomen, and it feels like a persistent dull ache that drags on for weeks. It kind of feels like I pulled an abdominal muscle, but the pain actually comes from under the muscle. Prior to my diagnosis I thought it was a pulled abdominal muscle. I thought I had a weak spot on my abdominal muscles that kept getting injured somehow.

Ater getting diagnosed and treated, in my case with Stelara, I went into remission and the pain went away.
I almost never feel pain even during a flare up. I may have no energy, and have discomforts related to the BM, but there is no pain.
Last serious flare up was 2011 - constant abdominal pain that would interrupt my sleep, chills, loss of appetite, fatigue

Since then I have "mini flare ups" in which certain "trigger foods" would cause abdominal inflammation and "waves" of abdominal cramps lasting anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. Women describe them as labor pains, only worse. I identified the "trigger foods" and the "minis" are far less frequent.

Always in the lower abdomen.