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What foods do your kids crave when sick?

Crohn's Mom

Gab is home and resting up, but the only things she wants to eat, and can seem to tolerate, and is craving, is ice cream and cupcakes.

This is like deja-vu for us, because 3 1/2 years ago when she was so sick, that's all she would crave and eat too.
It's the one thing all the doctors (and doctor mom) agreed on too ~ as long as she's getting something in her, then go right ahead :thumleft:

So, what do your kids crave when they're sick?
And do you let them have it ? Or do you try and persuade them to eat "healthy"?

my little penguin

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Chips and onion rings , whopper junior

All DS wanted - all not good

Thankfully if he doesn't want to eat we just up his shakes since that lets him rest on the couch and get nutrition
We don't try to push healthy kwim
Here it is toast with peanut butter and a glass of milk. I let him have it. Heck, some days it has been all that he would eat. He was horrified when we tried a gluten and lactose free diet and it sure as heck didn't make him feel better.

Crohn's Mom

I've sort of suggested she may want to drink an Ensure or two, but only once.
Honestly, If it makes her feel better for the moment and I can help to spoil her a bit right now...that's what I'm gonna do :)
Not like she's going to live on it for the rest of her life or anything lol.


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All I craved was milk. That's all I wanted. My mom didn't let me have it. She said, "milk is bad for you when you're sick." So I believe I ate whatever my parents made me eat as usual.
Pepsi and campbells chicken noodle soup. In fact Jack has a bug and that is all he has eaten for the last 2 days trying to get him to do an Ensure shake tonight, maybe I'll just make it and hand it to him and hope he at least drinks some of it.


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Ever since his exclusive EN time, broth is Stephen's comfort food! :lol: You'd think he'd never want to see it again! :ybatty:
I wish Ryan would crave anything! "What do you want to eat?" is the $20,000 question around here! 15 and he still says "what can I have for a snack?" Geez! I know when his weight was down, the nutritionist said let him have whatever he wants now and we'll worry about eating healthier when he's back up!
When Ella is sick it's hard to get her to eat at all, canned spaghetti is sometimes something she wants.
One thing I've noticed this time as her symptoms come back she asked for milk a lot, which is what happened before she was diagnosed. Whether it felt soothing for her, I'm not sure. Xx


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I don't think the kids craved anything in particular but if they did I would have given it to them! It's the only way I would have been able to even partially soothe my guilt ridden soul! :lol:

Dusty. xxx


When I feel like crap.....like now......I crave junk/fast food. Like Wendy's chicken nuggets and fries or something.

Typically, I don't eat like that at all. I'm a grilled chicken and steamed broccoli kinda guy, fish and veggies, stuff like that.