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What happens to diarrhea output with an ilieostomy?

I POUR water out my butt when I sit down to go. It's a rediculous event. I'm sitting in the hospital still, after an obstruction (which just cleared without surgery) and have to ultimately decide on the BIG procedure. I've gone through all meds and am even on 80mg of prednisone and my colon is still moderately inflamed throughout-as per colonoscopy today.

Anyway.. my typical crohns symptoms have been VERY watery diarrhea often with extreme urgency.

Just curious, if anyone was like me before getting a stoma, does it just constantly squirt into the bag like a garden hose? That's what I envision mine being like.

Am I wrong?


Mine just would randomly spit out into the bag. Usually a little at a time but it varies depending on what you eat.

Changing the bag was a crap shoot, literally. You hoped it would not pump out anything in those few minutes but of course you have zero control over it.

I'm in the hospital waiting to get my colon out as well as it's been bad for the last ten years it will slow down with time from what i know and apparently if you eat marshmallows it slows down the output.
To be honest I'd rather have the bag than crapping myself having anxiety to go out not knowing where every toilet is or fear of an accident even in the car on the freeway to go somewhere.