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What I consume for crohn's

I was diagnose with crohn's 4 years ago andlong short I gave up conventional medicine within 2 months of medication and trying to figure out myself what to eat and not to eat. I also get help a lot with these:
1. Quercetin
2. L-glutamin
3. Omega-3
4. Multivitamin and mineral
5. Probiotik and prebiotic
6. Natural diet
7. Pilates
In 3 years I safe my ass!, my Crohn's literally dissapears until I made a mistakes in this 4th year when I got period and having sugar craving, I usually fine to eat a bit of chocolate etc, but this time I got too much and suddenly my flare get worsen and uncontroll.
When I come back to those all things I usually consumed, now doesn't work anymore.
I feel horrible and really don't know what to do anymore. This is insane.
Any suggestions for me?


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Why did you give up on conventional medicine so fast? Side effects? Conventional drugs not working? Many Crohn's drugs take longer than two months to really become effective. Since your alternative approach of vitamins and supplements is no longer working, I suggest you give proven medications another shot by working closely with a skilled gastroenterologist.

In my experience, the diet and supplement approach may help some people (especially diet in identifying and avoiding trigger foods), but they are weak tools. The proven medications are the strong tools. And depending on how mild or severe is your Crohn's, the weak tools just may no longer be enough.

But for any approach the right combination of medications for induction of remission followed by maintenance needs to be carefully determined with your doctor. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.
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