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What if I miss a day on a 3-day stool test?

After 10 days of diarrhea, my GI doc ordered a stool test where I'm supposed to take samples over three consecutive days. Day 1 was fine, but I didn't have a BM today. What do I do? Just give in two samples or add another day? I will try to call the lab tomorrow, but am not sure how easy it will be to get info on a Saturday. Any advice?


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Being a three day test I assume it is for FOB (faecal occult blood)?

This is the protocol I work off but I can’t guarantee that your lab doesn't differ…

- it doesn’t matter if you miss day, the main thing is that the last sample is collected no later than 10 days after the first sample. I have never seen a FOBx3 stretch out to the 10 day limit but it certainly isn’t unusual for people to miss a day or two.

I would carry on and get the next two samples when you can and contact the lab when they are next open.

Dusty. :)