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What if.......

I'm having my first flare up, and me and the dr are assuming this is due to me catching an s&d bug going round, now she wants me to send a sample to the hospital, and I see shes put on that there's blood and mucus, I'm a known crohns, but this is to rule out infection

I just wondered what happens if it is an infection? anyone know?

And funnily enough this is how I got crohns, caught a s&d bug
If you have an infection then they will put you on anti-biotics to kill the virus or bacteria that is causing the problem. I'm not really sure what you are looking for or if I answered you but I hope that answered it a little bit.

Sorry to hear you are having your first flare up, take care and rest up.

Thanks, yes thats the sort of answer I wanted

I know with any normal infection youre put on antibiotics, but wondered if itd be different with it being in my bowel and me having crohns

Im always so worried that theyll want to do tests etc or even surgery, so if they give me antibiotics thats nice and simple lol
my crohns started after I had an infection and food poisoning. Anti biotics kept me in partial remission for a while
good luck