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What is inside the fecal stream that is driving inflammation.

The fecal stream is behind the inflammation in crohn's disease. Rutgeerts et al. showed contact with intestinal fluids in patients caused disease within 8 days.(1) (2)

Harper confirmed this a third time (3). Small bowel effluent causes inflammation.

However, patients that received an enema of effluent that first went through a 22-nm ultrafiltrate showed no such response. Showing that fecal content larger than 0.22 micron is responsible for the inflammation. Either bacteria or large particles in the fecal stream cause the inflammation. (3)

Macrophages within the lamina propria show an immune response to E. coli, Streptococci and Listeria (4).

Serological markers like anti-OmpC can predict CD disease years before the diagnosis. (5)

(1) ''Early lesions of recurrent Crohn's disease caused by infusion of intestinal contents in excluded ileum. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9453485 ''

(2) ''Effect of faecal stream diversion on recurrence of Crohn's disease in the neoterminal ileum

(3) ''Role of the faecal stream in the maintenance of Crohn's colitis
https://gut.bmj.com/content/gutjnl/26/3/279.full.pdf ''

(4) ''Immunocytochemical evidence of Listeria, Escherichia coli, and Streptococcus antigens in Crohn's disease.

(5)''Serological markers predict inflammatory bowel disease years before the diagnosis.
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I would think it is the fecal stream that feeds the existing bacteria responsible for the inflammation. In some instances I also would speculate that some foods have components that are similar to some secretions output by certain bacterium which increase inflammation. That is the hypothesis I came to regarding my adverse reaction to onions when I was ill. I can eat them without any consequences now.

It would be difficult to explain long term remission otherwise. Especially when not using a typical Crohn’s treatment.

Much of our food is both GMO and doused In glyphosate which adds another layer of complexity to it all.

Interesting but these studies are old. Have none of these avenues been followed since these findings were published? I had understood that there were as yet no identified antigens in Crohn’s, hence the constant speculation of different causes. And if the bug(s) is larger than 22n-m then why hasn’t it or they been identified since these publications? Frustrating! It seems like we just go around and around!
I think the speculation about different causes is because there are different causes and often multiple causes. Thats why its a difficult thing to get under control.

Based strictly off of my own alternative treatment results, mycoplasma pneumonia and H-Pylori were larger factors concerning inflammation than MAP and E-Coli although all were involved. The H-Pylori must have been right in the gut lining as killing it (too quickly apparently) caused a fire like burning in the gut that I have never experienced before. Once that healed though, things improved considerably.

I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Just an opinion.