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What is remission?


I would definitely say I'm back to normal when I'm in remission. I don't get any cramps, any pain -- and my BM frequency is "normal" (once a day, or once every other day) though I know this varies for everyone, even those without IBD. I have energy, and I feel good. Other than the pills or medication I take for maintenance, it really doesn't seem like I'm sick at all.
AllisonM if you notice in your original post the word remission is highlighted. If you click on it then it will take you to our wiki where credibly sourced information can be found for the different types of remission.

When my son is in remission, he has no bowel problems, pain, nausea or fatigue. He eats what he wants and is active in all aspects of his life.
Hi everyone. Hope all is well. I am currently in remission (so they tell me!), however I have BM's anywhere from 8-12 times a day. Is this normal?
Hi in my case. remission, is that you feel stronger. You want to do stuff you could not do before because of pain.even if its a day! Enjoy it. You may have weeks or months, and years of remission. Some flarups come and go. I only say what i know. I never had any surgery for Crohn's. Look forward to these days of remission. It will come believe it! Take care Maria