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What is your occupation with IBD

Hi there all, my name is Derek.

I was diagnosed in 2008 with uc at first. It was later changed to crohns because of how severe the inflammation was in my small intestine. 2017 I had 2 perianal abscesses, one resulting in a fistulotomy. I had also gone as far as entyvio as my first IV med. Due to me being sick and struggling with studies, I was not able to receive my state electrical license which has resulted in losing my benefits. During this time of being diagnosed and going through all sorts of different treatments I was working as an electrical apprentice. All of my work was on very large construction sites with porta potties that seemed miles away. I would wake up extra early for adequate toilet time. I would always have to stop 2 to 3 times on the way to the job which was never more than an hours drive. Often I would have to eat my lunch outside and near the porta johns due to the urgency. Later my work progressed to more service call work and dealing with customers directly. Never had I had more anxiety. What if I got the urge right in the middle of a meeting when they are describing everything they need. And oh it happened a lot. I would say “so sorry but you’ll have to excuse me “ often as I am already walking away. It was apparent too where I was going. Today is no different, early rising to “get it all out”, plenty of stops and customers and co workers wondering where I ran off to.

I am very curious how many of you are working, making ends meet, or are receiving assistance and what those are. Desk job? Call center ? At home? Social security?
I would be considering a career change if I can find an ibd friendly option that also had means of supporting a family and insurance for GI and treatment.
Search for this thread. There were pages and pages of jobs Crohnies have. last year I think. good luck