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What meds next?

what meds next?

Hey so im only supposed to be on prednisone for 4 weeks - start to decline after 2 weeks (im in my 3rd week at 45 mg). I dont think the medicationworked to well, but heres what i did notice. My bowel movements were much smaller, and ibecame more constipated. I still have little gassy flares in my right side and i still have a mess of upper digestive problems. I was able to eat more and perhaps i put on 3-4 pounds but i wish it was 30 pounds! (i ate a lot of foods which arent that good because i just wanna put on weight) I see the specialist in a few weeks - should I try more meds - i need to get better fast and Im not making the progress I want to !

My Butt Hurts

In my experience, the slower you come off of prednisone, the better it works.
I usually start at 40mg and come down 5 mg each week.
So week 1 40 mg
week 2 35 mg
week 3 30 mg etc.
It should take a minimum of 8 weeks this way. Lat time I stayed on it for 16 weeks (2 weeks at each decrease) and had really good results with it.

I'm not sure how you are in week 3 at 45 mg and going to be done in a week. You MUST taper carefully or your adrenal gland can shut down.
Look up cushing's syndrome.

And yeah - I would assume that you should be on some kind of maintenance drug, and I would think it should be started AS you are on the pred, not wait until after.

Let us know how your doc wants you to go from 45 to 0 so quickly, or maybe I read that wrong?
im decraesing by 5 mg a week - hmm he just wanted to see me after 4 weeks - maybe theres enough to last longer than that....that would make more sense