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What not to do!

Never have your docs switch from morphine and Vicadin one after the other. Without any time between them then you will have some problems. I had hallucinations, Dizziness, I was completely high, had no clue what I was saying and I could barely walk for days because I would fall and laugh fall and laugh so never switch these two without about a day between the two.


O this was in the hospital


Thanks for sharing this Jeff! I did not have this option anyways, but it is definately something good to keep in mind.


Orrrr....maybe for those REALLY Bad times, we could ask to have those two drugs back-to-back. That way, it would make crapping our pants even funnier!

On a serious note tho, sorry you had to go thru that! That is awful. You would think that they would watch that for that kind of thing. When I was in the hospital, they gave me my pills of percoset, then came in like 15 minutes later and injected demeral into my IV...talk about being dopey! I couldn't stop drooling! When they came in to do my vitals, all I could do was stare at them with the drool coming out of my mouth!! I told them I thought I was over-drugged...they didn't believe me till they talked to the other nurses on duty. What a nite! I slept like a baby for the first time since I had kids!