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What position does everyone sleep in?

Just curious...what position is most comfy when laying down for everyone? Since my surgery 11 years ago I sleep on my left side with a pillow rammed into my gut...same if I switch sides...seems to help with the gut discomfort...
I sleep on my right side, with a number of hot water bottles up against me and my knees curled up to my chest. I'm finding lately it helps my pain to apply pressure to the lower right side with something warm.
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On my left side, usually with 3 Teddy Bears! unless Paul has stolen one for himself :)

Can't sleep on my right because right shoulder hurts like hell if I do, and seem to have more incidence of upset tummy . Can't sleep on my back without it hurting.
I find I have to rotate every 15 minutes or so before I eventually drop off because of the discomfort. I usually wake up on my right hand side.

I know if I've slept bad when I wake up and I have awful pain around my back (near the kidney area).

Have tried the pillow too when its really bad and find that really helps, but I think I'm going to be trying the teddies like Beth, never thought of using those guys hehe :)
I like you sleep on my left side curled up with a pillow pushed into my tummy, since I had my surgery I tend to find it uncomfortable to sleep on my right side as my scar is more on my right side. After surgery I found it really hard to sleep and slept sitting propped up on pillows.
I can't stand sleeping on my back or stomach. And if I wake up like that I know I'm in trouble. Usually causes nasty back pains, especially if I wake up on my stomach. I typically lay on my right side, curled up.

Shantel: My nephew has one of those for his tummy, but he has a big dog instead of a bear. It moves and conforms better.

Beth: The bears have a aroma therapy heat pack inside you heat up and then put back inside the bear. The bear itself is spared the microwave. haha :)
Shantel said:
I want one!!! I think they have a long dog or rabbit that you can heat up and use as a wrap as well.
I don't know what brand hers is. But I can find out if you want to know. :) They had allllll kinds of animals and sizes.
I sleep every which way possible I dont sleep well and I toss and turn all night sometimes when I wake up it looks like I have done 10 rounds with mike tyson....But I still love my bed x

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On my back mostly and a high pillow to stop snoring and or heartburn, havent slept on my right in 17 years! Maalox helps through the night if my heartburn gets worse.
i mostly fall asleep in semi-foetal position, one leg curled up to my tum, other one outstretched.. but funnily enough if my stomach isn't feeling good, i am more comfortable lying on it, with my head resting on my arms on the pillow.


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I dunno... never been able to watch myself sleep. (Sorry, I couldn't resist that)..

Seriously... if alone, on my side... but I eventually sprawl all across the bed.

If with company, I spoon. And there have been occasions where I managed the whole night in that position. I have been blessed with being a very sound sleeper, and have noticed that if I get to sleep before any pains hit, I can AND do sleep through them.
I have a precise position...

On my tummy- My right leg cocked up hanging over the edge of the bed (not completely over, my knee has to be lined up with the edge of the bed) and my pillow tucked with my left arm under it and my right arm on top. I sleep on the right hand side of the bed.

This will be one of those OCD things I have.
I sleep on my belly. And I seem to stick my arms under my body a lot, so they're always falling asleep in the middle of the night. haha.
Right-side semi-prone. Not perfectly on my stomach but close, with just enough space wedged in there to keep it from having any pressure contact with the bed. I find sleeping on my back unbearable. The weight of my stomach on itself hurts. When I'm in an especially bad amount of pain it's on my side in a fetal position with a pillow in my arms/legs. I then thrash back and forth from one side to the other rocking slightly. But, things have been doing really well lately since I went back on pred so that's not been happening recently.
Curled up on my right side in fetal position at the bottom of my bed for some reason my dog gets center stage and im stuck with the leftovers probably because he weighs more than me
I tend to sleep on my stomach , sometimes with one leg cocked up whicheven way my head is facing, and end up waking often with pins and needles in my arms! I can't go to sleep on my back at all.
this thread is really cute! I lay flat on my back with my arms above my head like a little baby. Why? Guess 'cause I've done it that way for 59 years! hahaha
I tried sleeping hanging from my feet. Thought it might keep any poop from draining out. All it did was give me a headache. Just Kidding.

Left side and curled up. Wife sleeps on her right, but some how I end up pushed to the edge. Have even fell out of bed cause she just keeps getting closer in her sleep.
Use to sleep on my belly all the time and one of my arms usually ended up under me. Lately thought I think I have been rockin the fetal/ side position either side will do I guess. Can not sleep on my back at all I would be in so much pain. I think its time for a new mattress. Speaking of which anyone watch the show dirty jobs recently when they recycled box springs and mattress? All I got to say is ewwww...
I have sleep apnea so I sleep with a cpap machine. I used to only sleep on my left side since that is the side the machine was on but omg the pain in my shoulder hurt so bad so I moved the bed around and now sleep on my right side. I guess I stay that way since I wake up that way too. I also can't sleep unless my feet are outside of the covers. I have a condition, no one knows what's causing it, where my feet burn like heck at night so they go outside of the covers and I put an ice pack down at the bottom of the bed so I can touch it with my feet every so often.

Getting old sucks!!!
I used to always sleep on my tummy with my legs all akimbo, but a last year a chiropractor told me that sleeping that way was what was causing me neck pain so now I try to always sleep on my back if I can. Jer is a snuggler and we usually have at least two small dogs (out of three) sleeping on top of us and with me having to get up a million times a night it is a wonder that I get any sleep at all. Jer on the other hand falls asleep in an instant, semi crushing me and doesn't wake up no matter how many times I get up or adjust.
No! I am so grateful that he is such a good sleeper! I don't need any more self imposed guilt! The only time I hate it is when I am laying awake and want to talk about feelings or wedding plans or something girly and he is dead to the world (coincidence?). :)
Shantel said:
Double ewwww!!! Do people actually reuse them??

HAHA no it was more like what they do to recycle the padding springs and wood and so on. But I think they said in the life span a mattress it gains 10% of its weight in dead skin. Some of them even had mold growing on the inside of the mattress.
i sleep on my side... or sort of on my front but propped up to the side with a pillow between my legs or under my knee.
I sleep on my right hand side in the spoons position, sometimes with a woman, lately with a pillow, but there has to be something (or someone) against me.

In the hospital, because of the pain and the IV i had to sleep on my back, it worked there, but that's because i wasn't laying flat, if i did that at home i'd kill my back.

The pillow (or person) helps with the pain, and prevents me from tossing and turning and further hurting my back.
Left side only..........stoma on right side, if i try my right side i last about fifteen minutes !!....

If i had an ass i'd have a pain in it !!.........ha ha ha !!

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bruscar said:
Left side only..........stoma on right side, if i try my right side i last about fifteen minutes !!....

If i had an ass i'd have a pain in it !!.........ha ha ha !!
:ylol2: (Hey Bruscar - where've ya been??)
Before Crohn's on my left side. Post Crohn's on my back. When I am flaring the pain is too much to sleep on either side.
when i'm flaring, i'm barely able to move... i'm just on my back, with a pillow under my knees and a heating pad on my stomach.

if it's not as severe, i can muster up into the fetal postion