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What questions should I ask the doctor?

I have a telephone appointment with my gastroenterologist this week. I need to be prepared, phone appointments can be tricky.

3 years ago I had a colonoscopy that showed ulcers and inflammation in the colon, the description was left sided colitis with a pattern similar to Crohns - no confirmation of Crohns on biopsy though. So indeterminate colitis.

Since then I have been taking Asacol 4 x 800 mg daily. In January my GP gave me 2 weeks of mesalazine suppositories because of continuing pain and urgency. They really helped, and then she referred me back to the gastro doc because she did not know what treatment I should be taking.

Last week I had another colonoscopy. The doctor said he saw patches of very mild inflammation in the ileum and along the left side of the colon. It is the first time inflammation in the ileum has been seen. He said if he can confirm Crohns then he would like to change my treatment.

I am assuming that Crohns will not be confirmed by biopsy. But what happens then? I know Asacol has helped alot but it has not been enough to stop the inflammation completely. I would love to be symptom free after such a long time! Plus the Asacol is giving me joint pain.

I am going to ask for a small bowel test - thanks for advice already given on this forum.

Otherwise what should I ask (or ask for)?????

Thank you!

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Good luck with your appt! Looks like you're doing well as it is, but here's a couple ideas.

-ask where exactly you're inflammed, what treatments would be best for it and what to keep a watch for if need be.

-make sure to mention about the pain and see what can be done for that.

-if there's any other info you should know.