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What should I choose, Pred, Humira....

Well its time for me to step up to the big time, nothing works anymore, mmj did nothing for me...I cannot go on like this anymore, pain/bleeding/misery, do not even want to leave the house anymore.

So my biggest beef with Humira is it seems everyone get some king of respiratory side effect - that is something I cannot deal with as a sever sleep apnea sufferer I cannot function without CPAP and I cannot do CPAP with congestion. So is Pred my only choice? (Doc told me Pred or Humira can I suggest something else).

My fear is trading miseries, I want to feel good - am I asking too much?
My Mother was diagnosed with Crohn's 10 years ago, multiple surgeries later...we FINALLY talked her into Humira, She like you was very afraid but she is a "smoker". It has been fabulous for her. A true life saver, Predisone was no longer a choice as after high doses it did no good and had some BAD side effects.
Talk to your Doc., Get a TB test all doses are pretty standard 2 shots a month, which you do at home and my mother is now 74 not completely in remission but back to her healthy weight and can live a normal life.


I've never had any respiratory issues, or really seen any reported on here. It's been a huge help to me, and my GI said that it's more likely that with Humira that it'll either work or it won't, rather than getting bad reactions to it.

I know I would definitely choose Humira over long-term Prednisone. Maybe you could do a short-course of it while waiting to start Humira?