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What Tests To Expect?

I have had episodes/flare ups for over a year now. Recently they have gotten worse.
I had some routine blood work and an U/S. I am B12 deficient and they thought I had appendicitis but that came back negative.
I have an appointment on the 17th of August to see a GI Specialist.
I am curious as to what type of tests I will be in for. I realize a colonoscopy is needed.
I wonder if I need an U/S on my pelvic area as I have been told Ovarian Cysts/Cancer can produce similar syptoms.

Still Undiagnosed!


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Hi Ellipse, welcome to the club. A colonoscopy is usually one of the first tests they'll do if something like Crohn's or Colitis is suspected. An abdominal ultrasound is pretty common to have as well. They may also do things like an upper endoscopy (which is sometimes done at the same time as a colonoscopy - that way you only need to be sedated once), CT scan or MRI, and of course they'll probably want to do more blood work and stool samples. If those tests are inconclusive, they may have you do something like small bowel follow thru or pill cam. It all depends on your specific symptoms and what your doctor thinks is best.

Is your appointment on the 17th your first time seeing a GI? If so, I suggest you write down ALL your sypmtoms (even ones that don't seem related to your abdominal issues - things like joint pains, headaches, or mouth sores, anything at all) and also write down all your questions. My mind always goes blank when I walk into my GI's office so it's very helpful to have everything written down! You may also want to keep a food & symptom diary so that you can track your symptoms over time and see if there's a pattern where certain foods are making your symptoms worse. Good luck! I hope you get some answers soon!
Thanks for the feedback. I have been documenting symptoms & food. I honestly haven't a whole lot lately but have found that fibre is NOT my friend.
This is my first appointment so I'm sure I will have a lot of questions!
Thanks again!
Ultrasound is excellent for pin pointing strictures, I've had several & got to know the Ultrasound Dr quite well. Very good alternative to barium enemas, small bowel enema's etc. Plus of course no prep or barium.
Hi Ellipse
Before my Crohn's diagnosis, they suspected grumbling appendix with me too but when my symptoms persisted, my GP ordered an ultrasound as I had an ovarian cyst removed in the past and it was indeed causing some similar symptoms. It was the ultrasound that showed thickening in the bowel. I then had a Barium FT and then a CT scan: no colonoscopy..........yet........ as the Crohn's is in the terminal ileum.
Best of luck with your appointment.