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What time of day do you take your Imuran?

Crohn's Mom

I'm wondering if its ok to take Imuran in the evening before bed, instead of the morning ?
My daughter just started Imuran a few days ago, 125 mg, and it has worsened her fatigue.
If you take it at night does it lesson it's effectiveness?
She's exhausted within an hour of taking it in the morning :(


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Hey T...:hug:

Loads of folk on here take it at supper/bedtime because of the side effects, I think most do it because of the nausea it can cause. They say the side effects generally subside after about 3 weeks.

Dusty. xxx


My thinking is that as it takes a few weeks to get up to strength, i doubt it makes much difference what time you take it. Just remember you should take it with food (or soon after) as it can make you nauseous. Its not a good idea to eat too soon before bed either as it can lay in your stoamch and cause gas / cramping (as ive found)

Personally I take mine whenever I remember. Try to ain for dinner but sometimes just before bed

I've been on it for 8 years. I don't notice any effects from it myself. So, I take it usually before bed because I think of it then.

Make sure they check her levels occasionally (not just checking liver function). My dose has changed a few times because of it.

Crohn's Mom

CrohniePilot ~ thank you ~ she will have her blood drawn every 2 weeks for the first 3 draws, and then once a month :)

I suggested to her to try taking it in the evening and see if that helps lessen the fatigue.


sarah takes in the morning and seems to only have nausa if she doesnot eat enough before the car trip.

She exactly has it with second breakfast after swimming training
I'm on 150 mg and take it in the evening. I've been on it for several months and still can't take it in the morning due to nausea. The nausea isn't that bad but I'm highly sensitive to it and even slight nausea shuts me down. I try to take it with a meal but it it's late I'll just take it whether I've eaten recently or not. If I'm actively hungry I have a snack to take it with.


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I was wary of getting nauseous when taking Imuran, so I never took it at any other time except before bed. Works fine - and I think I might be sleeping better, too! :)
I just started taking 6MP last week and my dr has me only on 50mg in the morning. I feel like I'm more tired than usual midday but no nausea/vomiting. I wonder if that will occur if my dose is increased.
I take 100 mg before bed as it makes me sleepy. I used to take it in the morning but felt do tired all day. Now I have more energy.