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What to ask Surgeon??

So this coming up Monday I have and appointment in the morning to meet with a surgeon and later that day I will meet with my nurse practitioner. I'm not really nerves and It doesn't really bother me that I might have to have surgery but What are some good question I should ask? From what I have been told he is really good and has done a few operations on other family members before and all went well.

I will give you a little run down of what has building up to this point. I have never truly been in a good remission for a year now and this past July I had a bad flare got it kind of under control then in August had two partial blockages second left me in the hospital for a week. From what I have been told in the past is my crohns is located in my ileum but, my girlfriend said when in was in the hospital after my last CT scan it looked like it may have spread I was never told this I think. I'm pretty sure there is also a really bad stricture in my ileum area which led to the blockages and is still causing me pain and discomfort.

List of meds:
Remicade (third infusion Nov 10)
Asacol HD
Azason 75mg
Prednison 30mg
Multi vitamin
Calcium/vitamin D

I assume he will cover most of this anyway but here are some that I have thought of so far.

1. Where is my crohns located and has it spread?
2. If you have to remove a lot of my Ileum how will this effect me?
3. How long will I be out of work/recovery time?
4. How will this be performed?
5. What medications will I stay on afterwords?

I'm very open minded about this and want to learn more before I go in to see him. I have done some research but still would like to know more so I dont feel overwhelmed and can actually have a conversation with him. I will hopefully have my mother with me a RN or my girl friends mom also a RN and crohns patient. I already know most of the answers to my question but doesn't hurt to ask right? So is there anything else I should ask or go and read to be more informed?

Edit: I love google found this web page http://www.ccfa.org/info/surgery/surgerycd


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I wish I would have asked how they close the resection. I have a lot of surgical staples in me, no big deal but was a shock on a later x-ray. :)

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I have had surgeries, and the only question I can think of is, is the surgery going to be done laproscopically or will they have to go right in. Laproscopy is less invasive and shorter repcoup time. Hope you get a straight shooter doctor, one that tells you what you need to hear. Good luck.
Farm: I will add that to my list! Do you set of metal detectors now?

Peaches: I wish they had put me on Remi sooner but for a year and half I never really saw my doctor I saw the NP for that time. But now I have a new doctor in the same office and he sames extremely motived to get me better. He even personally called me back last week to see how I was doing never in my life has that happen! To talk to me about seeing the surgeon.

IMP: He should have access to all of that since my hospital and both doctors office are linked toghter. I would like him or my NP to show me them and explain what is going on that day.

Jetta: Thats what Q number four is just didnt know how to spell laproscopically LOL. Hope he is too I want to know all the neg and pos if this is the direction I am heading.

Thanks everyone and if there is anyone else that you would like to share or suggest anything let me know. I will defiantly keep everyone informed and what goes down on Monday it will be a day full of doctors.
ask what pain meds they are going to give you - i had a morphine pump when i had my surgery, also ask what tubes they are going to leave in you after the op - i didnt know i was going to have a central line in my neck and a drain from the abcess so i wasnt too happy and got them to take it out as soon as they cud, but i think if i had been warned about it i would have been a lot more open minded about it.

Also you could ask about what foods you will be allowed straight after surgery (and also how long til you are allowed to eat)

Also try and see if you can be put in a private room after the surgery - i really wish i had.

Dont think there is anything else, but if they are taking out your iliem, your vitamin b12 levels might be a bit low so you could ask about what they would do about that

Hope ive been of some help :)
Update: I had both my appointments today and asked all those questions and then some. Thank you everyone once again for all the advice.

Now on too the good stuff the surgeon was great!! He explained everything more then willing to answer my questions. Looks like the end of my small intestines is coming out on Dec 21 I know horrible timing but what can you do? Since he is completely booked into the new year they had to turn and office day into surgery day just for me :). I am on a cancellation list but so is just about everyone else waiting. The funny thing is within the first few minutes of talking to him he could hear my gut from across the office and said yup your ready for surgery.

Now fast forward to my other appointment with the NP. She was surprised that I had to wait that long. We talked a little about medication afterwords as well as b12 and salt bile and decided to cross that bridge when we get there. But most importantly how am I going to bulk up before the operation since I can only eat a meal or two in a day with out feeling the pain. Talked about TPN she wanted to speak with the my GI doctor to see what he thought. She would hate to see me get and infection form the TPN line and have to put of the operation because of it. But if the doctors and insurance all say yes and what not then I could be getting a pick line for TPN next Tuesday while I'm getting the remicade infusion.

So I think thats it only six more weeks before the big day wish it was sooner. But anyways I'm going to bed its been a long day.:ycool:


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I'm glad your appointment went well. What a relief...especially when you like the surgeon...I hope all goes well with the PICC line and TPN. I think you may have to consult a nephrologists for the TPN....that's how it works in the hospital setting....Good luck with everything.:)