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What to do next?

I had a small bowel resection about 4 weeks ago. I'm feeling really good, no pain cramps or anything. I've been told to stay on azaphioprine for the time being. Im due to see my consultant end of July. I'm just a bit confused as to what to do regarding diet. Can I eat what I want now I have had it removed or should I still be careful of what I eat?


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Hi Annimaz and :welcome:

Fab to hear that feeling so well! :)

I don't have Crohn's but my children do. They have also had resections and are on Azathioprine.

Many people are told to go back to eating normally and for intents and purposes they do but tend to avoid things likes nuts, popcorn and the skins of fruits and vegetables as they have the potential to be abrasive to the bowel. For most though it remains a very individual thing. There is a very good diet forum that you will find loads info in...


As for my own children, well they have been in remission since their surgeries, 7 years and 2 years, and have very different diets. My daughter (21) is raw vegan/vegan but for many people here that diet would be torture. My son prior to diagnosis tended to eat bland low residue types of foods, I often wonder if his body just knew the most appropriate foods ti eat when flaring but the irony is he still prefers those sort foods over all others! :lol:

The things both my kids have found difficult to tolerate since surgery and so avoid is red meat (Sarah pre vegan), oils and fats.

Since you have had a small resection be sure they keep an eye on your levels of B12, Vit D, Zinc and Magnesium.

Good luck and welcome aboard!

Dusty. xxx
:ysmile::ysmile::ysmile::ysmile::ysmile:Hi dustykat. I'm sorry to hear both your kids have crohns. I'm glad to hear they are both still in remission. Thanks for your advice. I'm eating normally but staying away from nuts and skins of fruits like I did before.
As I say I'm seeing my consultant end of July so il find out more then.
Thanks very much for your reply will bear in mind what you have said
Anne-Marie xx
Yes, I have had 4 in last 48 yrs my last resection being in 1988, I have 1/4 small intestines left so Diarrea full time I am left with.
Over the years and 4 resections later, and small bowel syndrome with my Crohns disease, found out what helps digestion is
No high fat foods, no dairy, no roughage, Meat potatoes sourdough bread, white rice, easy digestion foods big help .
You have had resection but my first not much a change but by the 3rd and 4th time, big changes for me.
Maybe your one, not the changes after my 4th possible but I sure would avoid or eat less of roughage or hard to digest foods for sure.
How are you doing as I see your bowel resection was in 2013, so how is all that going now August 2019? Hope good or ok.