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What to do next?

Symptoms for 12 months, started with bad hamburger in Honduras last Aug
threw up and felt sick for several days had a severe stomach ache for 3 months solid then 6 weeks clear the on and off couple of weeks on couple weeks off mostly very lower intestinal area in the center and RLQ buzzing and or shooting pains. GI Dr put me on Budisonide but then took me off of it this summer??
Had a endoscopy and colonoscopy with biopsy results were clear but my pain seems like its all in the small intestines. So question is whats the next step I can/should take I feel like its getting worse and dont want to be killing my lining and would like remission and maybe stop any further damage, having a different Dr isnt really an option as all GI are in the same group in my city:ybatty:
It would be good to get some imaging of your small intestine. What does your blood work say? Did budesonide help? What was the logic for putting you on it and then taking you off? Has your GI said what might be causing the pain?
I can be totally off base here, but when you said "bad hamburger in Honduras" the first thing that came to mind was a parasite of some type.

Have you had an MRI?
I've been checked for parasites but locally they say they really only check for a few most common, well I was in honduras so that's not very local!! I've heard sometimes they are hard to identify, frustrating, thing is my intestinal pain ramps up about an hour+ after eating and pain follows the food until it seems like it reaches the colon then I feel somewhat better 6 to 8 hours after eating, like in the morning when I wake up I feel the best. Even my groin (very lower intestines have shooting pains and aches)

No mri yet (2 ct's and one ultrasound) I've heard a enterography MRI can see the small bowel best (for inflammation and defects etc...) my GI said there isn't one of those machines around our area...

Good news is I go to Mayo next Monday, bad news is I don't have an actual GI appointment, just a General internal Consult (which took 3 months to get in)
I can go to the GI and hope (they call it a checker) for an appointment.