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What to do?

So I was diagnosed with crohns about 9 years ago. I was only 11. At the time I had an abscess andhad surgury to get it removed. They also told me I had a fistula. I went through rounds of steroids and a couple other medications such as pentasa.
Now I'm about to be 20 and haven't seen a doctor for this in about 6 years. I always refused to go when my parents tried. And was tired of all the medications which made me feel odd.

I've been living off Imodium for the past 2or 3 years now.

I don't get any pain that doesn't go away after using the bathroom.
My only other complaint is I have scar tissue from the original abscess down there that will sometimes burn or get easily irritated.

I currently have no insurance and no money to pay for insurance.
Do I really need a doctor right now?
HI Brfitzp, welcome to the forum. if it's not a flare up again. but, to be certain you have to see a doctor and get a referal to see a GI specialist. are you on any medication now? it seems that you are not. Usually most crohn's patients are on meds and some can control it by diet alone. my crohn's is current in a flare up stage and it don't pain when i use the washroom either. just pain in the abdomen region. lower right. but if your not in any pain and you think it's just from your scar tissue from you abscess. i would probably go see the doctor just in case. They can probably prescribe something for that and it might not be something expensive. Just a suggestion. best regards.