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What to put in a food diary for Crohn's Disease



Do you or have you kept a food diary? What are the types of things you put in it? Does it help? How long have you kept it?


i have kept a food log from time to time (tho not of my own choosing!). it usually included time of day, foods and portions eaten, moods, and bowel/gas habits. i hated filling them out, but may start doing it again soon for my dietician.
I used to keep a food diary when I had my flare and whenever I flare I use one. It helps me keep track of what foods bother me so I do not eat them. I have gotten good and now I do not need one because I just avoid the problem foods.

Good luck


I used to use one in the past as well to eliminate the foods that would cause me pains in the digestive system.I would try taking out foods from my diet and see if it made any difference and also i had an alergy VEGA test to see if it helped and it came up with some results that i believed to be right of which foods where bad for me at that time.
I just started another one this week. In the past I've used them to determine what my guts don't want but that depends on how enflared I am. So now I use one simply to gauge the ratio of how much rubbish compared to healthy food I'm eating daily. I don't have a big appetite and if I eat a few biscuits around lunch time I find I won't eat again until the evening which means I had biscuits for lunch. Or otherwise, I nibble on snacky foods all day and these seldom tend to be healthy. It just puts it in perspective as it's always worse than you think.
I even used to record all my symptoms and moods to find links anywhere I could and I suppose it's all helped me learn how my body works. Now I just know what my individual symptoms are and know what I need to do to prevent issues. So, yes, it helps you understand yourself.