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What was that?

Yesterday I had quite a flare up.
It started after dinner, with the typical pains in the area around the ileum, and quickly progressed to terrible pain. They type I only have had when my small intestine has been completly blocked at the iluem, resulting in me having had 5 bowel resections in 7 years.
So when I finally ended up puking and the pain was still as bad as before, my wife packed my overnight at the hospital bag and carted me off to the ER...
On arrival the pain was so bad I could not stand straight. But luckilly itr was a quiet evening so I had an intern looking at me within 10 minutes, and when hearing my life story, and that I had been in surgery only 2 months ago, told me a surgeon would have a look at me...then left me to wait. And 2 minutes later all the pain was gone :thumleft:

I got up and walked up and down the corridor outside the examination room, as motion sometimes get me going. And lo and behold, a giant fart errupted form my insides, and that was that. I hailed a nurse and told her I was feeling okay, and was told to wait for the doc to clear me.

So 30 minutes later the intern was back, and asked me if I was feeling okay, which I was, and then tild me I could go home, but to have a low treshold on returning if this started to go bad.

And that was that, feeling all normal today...but will take it easy on what I eat for a while I guess.